We’re all mad here…

So I threw my back out a few days ago, and I’m posting now from inside the pink haze of painkillers and muscle relaxers.  Here’s hoping I don’t look at this post in a few days and wince.


I’ve been kicking this outfit around for a few days, knowing it needed something but not sure what.  Then Siyu released her new yummy range of hats, and that sealed the deal.  Like all of Siyu’s goodies, they’re scripted with a multitude of colors and patterns.



This skin is a teaser from Nomine’s new revamped Sylvan line, due to be released this weekend-ish.   Start saving your $L up now, because they are magnificent.

skin ~ Sylvan China White – glam clockwork ~ Nomine
eyes ~ eyes by LL – quicksilver – large ~ Poetic Colors
hair ~ Magnoria-I(blackspider) ~ Sadistic Hacker
ears ~ Punky Ears: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
shirt/jacket/tie ~ from the Blood Elegance – Coal set ~ Nightshade Designs
pants ~ Black Lace Pants ~ [][]Trap[][]
hat ~ “Carrol” Top Hat ~ Illusions
choker ~ Double Inverted Choker ~ Silver Wheel
gloves ~ Dark Eros Short Gloves Ebony ~ Ookami Ningen
belt ~ from the Spellbound Skirts fatpack ~ Sn@tch
boots ~ NAU Combat Boots [Unisex] ~ The Abyss


~ by Mourna Biziou on April 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “We’re all mad here…”

  1. oooo siyu made new hats!??? *runs off to illusions to buy*

    proud owner of every hat Siyu sells and a few she doesn’t

  2. <33333 SO PRETTY *FANGIRLS*

  3. This post is so not wince worthy. ❤ 🙂

  4. spiffing!

    *drools everywere*

  6. hehe, thanks all! ❤

    Yes Abigale, you do! The new makeups are sooo cool. I’m going to try to tease with a different one every day until they’re released. 😀

  7. Man, kick me for not noticing this earlier! Lol thank you dearie, it’s the perfect topper for that outfit 😀 Hopefully I’ll have more sassy hats coming everyone’s way 🙂

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