Snow Day

Decided to do a little Christmas shopping today

dec18xmas1Decided to stop in for a little hot chocolate first

dec18xmas21Instigate a few snowball fights

dec18xmas3Then I had to wait for the snow plow driver to give me a ride home as I got snowed in.

dec18xmas4Finally got home and decided to take it easy. Going to check my list…twice. Are you on it?

Clothing/Skin/Accessories at:

Skin – Joshua stubble 2 Hair – Damiani Fashion Design

Hair – Hunting (Natural Wavy Brown) – *ARGRACE*

Eyes –  Eyes (Jade) – Discord Designs

Glasses – London Cassia Eyeglasses – House of London

Coat – Pea Coat – [Insert Cool Name Here] (out of business apparently apologies for no SLURL)

Turtleneck – With You (Blue) – *ARGRACE*

Jeans – TF Washed Look Jeans w/belt – Endeavor

Shoes – Striped Oxfords (Black) – Shiny Things

~ by danciengraves on December 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Snow Day”

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  2. Lookin’ good! I love that peacoat!

  3. I had better be on your list!! Very cute.

  4. giggle. did the snowballs have rocks inside of them? 🙂

  5. cute!

  6. I want that pea coat, or rather, I want that pea coat for someone else…. 😦 No idea who made it?

  7. I know who made it. Malte Antfarm, but apparently he went out of business according to his profile

  8. I hope you bought me a present. 🙂

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