Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Wicked

I had planned to avoid the typical Halloweeny look, but these great pieces hit my radar just under the wire, and it cannot be denied.

This hat from Dark Eden is so crookedy-twisty adorable.

( I did remove some sculpted pumpkins bits which, while very cute, just didn’t match the ensemble.)

I haven’t even begun to show you all the possible options, layers, and combinations that come with Schadenfreude’s Strix set.   Consider it at least a dozen awesome outfits in one.

Now it’s late, and I should get to bed.  I do have a party to get ready for tomorrow…. *Pointedly stares at previous post, then at you.*

skin ~ GREEN GODDESS Skin 1 ~ miaSnow
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Summer Woods ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
hair ~ Sabrina-black ~ Bish
bangs ~ Fringe Bangs – Ebony ~ ETD
ears ~ Abyssal Ear: Fairy/Naturals (recolored) ~ Illusions
numerous clothing parts ~ Strix ~ Schadenfreude (Currently only @ Crimson Shadow)
gloves ~ V Gloves (Black) ~ Vette’s Boutique
hat ~ Black Witches Hat (modded) ~ Dark Eden
boots ~ Valerian Girls – Black ~ First Flower
bracelets ~ Coffin Bracelets ~ KUROTSUBAKI
necklace ~ Bat Choker ~ Electric Jane’s

~ by Mourna Biziou on October 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Wicked”

  1. Very wicked witchy. I love it!! The green skin makes the whole look. 🙂

  2. I don’t hate you because you’re wicked.

  3. There are so many better reasons to choose from…

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