Wastelands Silks, Two Takes

[God, I suck at titling posts.]

I love silks, unapologetically.   I really have no occasion to wear them, but that doesn’t stop me from prancing around in them at every opportunity.  Really, what’s the point of a virtual paperdoll, if you can’t don a skimpy dancing costume and bellydance around in your skybox?  None, so there.

Of course, silks of the string-and-scrap-of-fabric variety don’t hold any appeal for me.  Like all my clothing, I look for something with an unusual twist, and the new Rust Shaman set from Dark Eden fits that description perfectly.

100% prim silks are always a marvel to me.  Most of the time they can be a complete pain in the ass to fit, but these worked surprisingly well out of the box.  (Helped along by the thoughtful inclusion of small and large sizes for the main pieces.)  I’m not a delicate kind of girl, and this isn’t a delicate set of silks.  Rough, torn fabric is held in place by rusty bits of wire, cogs, and other scraps of salvage.  The subtle pentagram theme also gives it a nice esoteric kinda feeling.

And just FYI:  I did, in fact, photoshop my nipples out of the sheer top.  Because.  Well, I don’t know you that well yet.  Buy me dinner first, then we’ll talk. :p

I usually end up piecing together elements of my favorite silks to include in a more traditional outfit, so I decided to show you an example of how I incorporated these into a street look.

Voila!  With just a slight bit of modding, the loincloth becomes a belt!

Outfit details after the cut.

Outfit #1 (orange)

skin ~ Glow-Juxt ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Sepia (Big) ~ Miriel
hair ~ Rawr! – Red Mix ~ Detour (No mod, Yes resizing script)
silks ~ Dark Rust Shaman ~ Dark Eden
cloak ~ Made by scrim Pinion, finally released as a freebie after my incessant badgering that he should sell it.  Available on the roof of his radio station in The Wastelands. 😀
necklace ~ Rusty Choker 2 ~ Ducknipple
sandals ~ Melange Sandal ~ Tekeli-li

Outfit #2 (green)

skin ~ Glow-Juxt ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Sepia (Big) ~ Miriel
hair ~ Bob III – Black ~ Detour (No mod, Yes resizing script)
ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
undershirt ~ Tricote Nada Top/Brown 2 ~ Armidi
sweater ~ Moth Eaten Granny Cardigan – Grime ~ !Finc! (Warning, you might have to fly up to 351 to find this shop, I’ve never been able to TP directly to it.)
jeans ~ Trusty Jeans [Dark] ~ Launa Fauna
belt, hand jewelry ~ from the Dark Rust Shaman set (modded) ~ Dark Eden
bracelets ~ Rusty Bracelets ~ Ducknipple
necklaces ~ Rusty Choker 1/ Rusty Choker 2 ~ Ducknipple
sandals ~ Melange Sandal ~ Tekeli-li

~ by Mourna Biziou on August 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wastelands Silks, Two Takes”

  1. You got the cardigan! Yay!

  2. Haha! I did! Thanks for the tip. 😀

  3. The silks have sort a Mad Maxx look to them. Love it. 🙂

  4. muah..Ive been looking at these, loving them, but standing on the fence… you just pushed me off…SWEETNESS

  5. Sweet pair of outfits bebbeh! Etain rocks again.
    re: the cloak. Isn’t it amazing how well incessant badgering works? 🙂

  6. bah, what do you know of innocence, Gradeh? 😛

  7. That there isn’t very much of it in these here parts, Scrimmy? 🙂

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