Skully Io Silks at PixelDolls

Just a quick heads-up, PixelDolls has released a fantastic freebie!

And I’m a freebie snob, so you’d better listen up when I mention one. 😛

Get thee to PixelDolls, grab the box with the skulls on just by the entrance, and worship Nephilaine Protagonist accordingly thereafter.

Bone choker, arm, and leg bands are from a set by Unique Needs.

Full credits and SLurls after the cut.

skin ~ Nomine WL China White – vamp pale ~ Nomine

eyes ~ (custom) ~ Emortal Eyez

Wing Lashes ~ Cake

ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions

hair ~ Anette – Black Red ~ Deviant Kitties

Skullz-n-Bonez Collar-n-Cuffs ~ Unique Needs

Hair Rose w/ Skull N Bones ~ Sinistyle

Sculpted Velvet Gloves: Black ~ PixelDolls

Goth BeltBOOTS ~ J’s

Io Silks (Group Freebie) ~ PixelDolls

~ by Mourna Biziou on July 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Skully Io Silks at PixelDolls”

  1. Neph doesn’t need a freebie to have my worship…although, I love her freebies to death and plan to grab it when I am next inworld… along with finishing up using my gift card *nummy new stuffs to own*

    Gorgeous picture, as always!!!

  2. What Kess said, word for word. (cept the part about the gift card, I haz one not.)
    *words trail off in general awe of Neph and Momo.

  3. ❤ Thanks sweetings ❤

    The rose/skull bit there is to die for.

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