•April 3, 2009 • 11 Comments

It is fitting…


…that a good sword be old,


and have a history.


I have one such.


It is ancient.

Details below ~

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Black heart, blue girl.

•April 2, 2009 • 7 Comments

At Achariya’s request, I don a Silent Sparrow bum-bow today.


The set of sleeves I have on is a little tidbit I learned from Siyu Suen.  They’re part of a lovely Paper Couture outfit, snow white and easily tintable.  A real wardrobe staple for me.


I’m teasing you again today with another of the fantastic new revamped Nomine Sylvan skins, due to be released this weekend.  I know that every time Munch releases new skins I declare them my MOST FAVORITEST EVAR, but I really mean it this time!


The flowers in this lovely Philotic Energy hair are scripted to color change, although I have hand-tinted them to match this particular shade of blue.

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We’re all mad here…

•April 1, 2009 • 7 Comments

So I threw my back out a few days ago, and I’m posting now from inside the pink haze of painkillers and muscle relaxers.  Here’s hoping I don’t look at this post in a few days and wince.


I’ve been kicking this outfit around for a few days, knowing it needed something but not sure what.  Then Siyu released her new yummy range of hats, and that sealed the deal.  Like all of Siyu’s goodies, they’re scripted with a multitude of colors and patterns.



This skin is a teaser from Nomine’s new revamped Sylvan line, due to be released this weekend-ish.   Start saving your $L up now, because they are magnificent.

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A rough trade.

•March 31, 2009 • 6 Comments

Life in the wastelands………….changes a person.


I used to be a fashion model,  Acha was an academic. But that was before the fall.


Now we grub for techno-relics in the wastes.

I push the pick and shovel, she keeps our gear working.


Heh, guess those relics aren’t going to uncover themselves.


Word around the campfire says there is an old movie projector and some movies buried hereabouts.


Now that would be a kick, to see something like Dr. Strangelove again.

Details buried in the radioactive sand.

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That Goth Chick

•March 30, 2009 • 3 Comments

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have vague list of things I’m always on the lookout for in SL.  Good braids are definitely towards the top of that list, and I am ALL about the braids I’ve recently discovered from Discord Designs.

Combining it with some items from Nomine’s new-ish “Dogwitch” line put me in mind of this whole high-school goth chick look.


Now, I’m not going to tell you that I actually dressed like this in high school.  But this is totally the kind of look I idealized back then, and tried to pull off whenever possible.  (I did own that exact ankh, though. :D)


I should warn you about the skirt.  It is neither mod nor mod-scripted.  The designer chose to instead box up like 5 bazillion sizes.  I had no problem finding one that would fit me perfectly, but it’s something to be aware of.

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Black Widow

•March 28, 2009 • 2 Comments

All the bunnies and pastel I’m seeing around has really put me in a mood. 😉



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•March 27, 2009 • 4 Comments


The many-clouds-rising
Izumo Takeru
Wears a Sword
With many vines wrapped around it,
But no blade inside, alas.

~”The Kojiki”~


Attendant to nobility
Ask for your master’s umbrella.
The dews neath the trees of Miyagino
Are thicker than rain.

~The Shoku Nihongi Poem 1091~

bushidodan3“Be first of all prudent in your conduct and have correct manners, develop harmony between master and retainers, and have compassion on those beneath you. Be correct in the degree of rewards and punishments, and let there be no partiality in your degree of intimacy with your retainers. the foundation of man’s duty as a man is in “truth.” Beyond this, there is nothing to be said”.

~The Last Statement of Torii Mototada”

Dancien is Wearing:

Skin – Kabuki Okuni – Nomine

Eyes – Realistic Eyes (Shallow End) Miriel

Hair – Sebastian (White) Gritty Kitty

Outfit – Ragnarok Full Armor Hanzo Blades Armory

Sword – Three Buddhas Hanzo Blades Armory

Plants by Organica

Statue by Spooky Graves

Shot @ Club Baby Seals