Raw Sugar

You won’t see me blogging something like jeans very often… but these from DP YUMYUM are extra special.  I have to say they’ve quickly become my favorite pair of jeans in inventory.  I especially love the butt. ^.^  They’re available in different colors, and I’m going to go back and get every single one.



Den-Dou skins…. I’m still undecided, for me.  They look absolutely adorable on some people.  I have real issues with the eyebrows, hence the shaggy-banged do in this set.  However, the lips are luscious and beautiful, and the eyes are lovely.


All of the poses from today’s post are from Sweet Lovely Cute.  A couple of people have passed me this LM when I asked them where they got their darling AO animations.  Really cute, fidgety, sweet animations.  To my delight, I found out that they have a very nice selection of modelling poses as well.

skin ~ OD4 Giselle skin /01 White Sugar (with Eyelash) ~ Den-Dou
eyes ~ eyes by LL – quicksilver – large ~ Poetic Colors
hair ~ Sildete – licorice ~ Novocaine
ears ~ Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
super-bewbs ~ Cleavage v2.6 – Light ~ AYUMI
wings ~ Angel’s Sanctuary-Fetish Wings *Black* ~ Nightshade Designs
shirt ~  Laila Sheer Shirt in Black ~ MichaMi
jeans ~ yumyum Jeans:03 ~ DP YUMYUM
cuffs ~ Symbiote Cuffs ~ SiniStyle
belt ~ D-Ring Belt (black) ~ Refuge
choker ~ Virtue Choker ~ Refuge
shoes ~ Flare Oxfords – black ~ Shiny Things
lip piercing ~ Skully Lip Chains ~ .:ellabella:.

Poses ~ Sweet Lovely Cute

~ by Mourna Biziou on March 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “Raw Sugar”

  1. ooo cute tush! I love those jeans 🙂 I think they look really nice on you for sure.
    DP yumyum has got to be one of the cutest stores… they’ve got some really great staples for one’s wardrobe ^^ Thank you for sharing!

  2. Can you really fly with those wings? They seem so tiny.

  3. hey sugar, you look great

  4. Den Dou Skins are adorable! I use them and a good tip for the eyebrows (they’re really high, I know x.x) Is to grab an Anael demo from Bebae and use those Brows or pick up a demo of the Den-Dou Vampire Skins and use the eyebrows from there =]

    You look so cute :DDDD

  5. hehe. Thank you ohmyohmai and Ana! 🙂

    Gabe – no, I can’t. And I’m very sensitive about it. Thanks for bringing it up, ass.

    Thanks Verinne, I will give that a try. I tweaked them myself for like five minutes, then gave up. 😛

  6. @GL
    Momo doesn’t fly, she soars.

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