~ Achariya held a tea party in her garden at twighlight. ~

~ We all dressed up ~





~From left to right~

Allegory Malaprop, Violet Voltaire, ellantha Larsson,

Mourna Biziou, hyasynth Tiramisu, Elusyve Jewell,

Winter Jefferson, Achariya Maktoum, Grady Echegaray












details below ~

On Grady ~

Hair ~ “Ash-white” ~ Kin
Hat ~ “Bards Hat” ~ Illusions
Monocle ~ “Monocle-cross left” ~ Nala
Skin ~ “Eros-porcelain” (custom version) ~ Nomine
Jacket, skirt, cuffs, gloves and jabot ~ From the “Valerian-ash” set ~ silent sparrow
Pants underlayer ~ “Black Leggings” ~ Maiiki
Pants overlayer ~ from the “Brood” set ~ KC Fashions
Boots ~ “Loose fit black” ~ J’s
Thigh Bracer ~ “Bone Collector Thigh Strap” ~ Nomine
Wrist Laces~ From the “Byron” set ~ AVid
Eyes ~”Fuck me weird” ~ Tacky Star
Earrings ~ “Syringe Earrings” ~ Relentless Unknown
Boutennier ~ Illusions

On Mourna ~

Skin ~ “Dogwitch” – violet grimm skin ~ Nomine
Hair ~ “Jetlink (Black)” ~ Sadistic Hacker
Ears ~ “Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Natural” ~ Illusions
Oufit ~ “Lord Lucian” ~ The Black Canary
Gloves ~ “Dark Eros Gloves Ebony” ~ Ookami Ningen
Boots ~ “Oblivion Boots” (Black Leather) ~ Sn@tch
Lip Piercing ~ “Bone Collector Lip Piercing” ~ Nomine
Parasol ~ “Jolly Roger Victorian Parasol” ~ To-a-T (RFL)

Background painting ~ Landscape with a calm. c1651,  by Nicolas Poussin

~ by Grady Echegaray on March 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “Arcadia.”

  1. did you have scones and jam? i hope you didn’t soil your finery

  2. /is entranced by the tableau. <3!

  3. @GL
    No finery was soiled in the production of this blog post. The scones and jam however, did not do as well. 🙂
    *shakes Juanita gently. ❤

  4. *grin* what a lovely post; it was tough to photo people against the busy backdrop. i know for next time, eh?

  5. mmmmm, scones.

  6. Dont sleep Grady once you do I will steal that entire outfit

  7. @Ach
    I thought so too at first but it made a lovely backdrop for the group. 🙂
    Weren’t they scrumptious? 🙂
    *keeps one eye open all the time! lulz

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