So they have left me here.


On a little island.


With a little stone house.


For four years.


Because I dueled with a silly mademoiselle…


…who happened to be the daughter of Le Comte d’Auvergne.


So I read my books, and watch for a sail that does not come.


Of a time in the evening I greet the moon.


Such is exile.

Details below the salt.

Hat ~ “Tri-corn” ~ Illusions

Hair ~ “Anna” platinum ~ Eat Rice!!

Eyewear ~ “Arcadia” ~ Air

Eyes ~ “Galaxy” black ~ FNKY

Necklace ~ “Alcmund Cross” ~ Schadenfreude

Skin ~ “Eros” porcelain (custom version) ~ Nomine

Bracelet ~ “Everyday Gems Bangle and Chain” black diamond ~ Shiny Things

Book ~ “Admiranda Narratio” ~ Tiger’s Boolshop

Dress ~ “Maria Black Renaissance Elizabethan Servant Outfit” ~ Wunderlich’s Historical Garb

Location ~ Error sim ~ Courtesy Gutterblood Spoonhammer

(*whispers: Go visit, it’s beautiful.)

~ by Grady Echegaray on March 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Exile.”

  1. I would switch spots with you, as long as I can bring a boot shaped flagon of mead.

  2. You’d best be quick about it. I see a sail in the distance.

  3. Fabulous as ever, Grady

  4. <3!!! /sends small galley laden with bolts of cloth, wine, fizz and forts, tins of pate, books, and a basket of hankies and linen 🙂

  5. yum (servants’ dress? wow servants are well dressed at Wunderlich)

  6. I fell asleep on the yardarm 😦

  7. What a nice post!… It makes you feel a bit sad but at the same time… it is sort of… romantic. THANKS!

  8. Need….those…glasses….

  9. @Max
    Thank you Max! 🙂
    nom nom nom ❤ *Irons the hankies with Gabe in mind. 🙂
    ahahaha. That was my thought too! I mean…watered silk??? lulz
    You could be flogged for that! 😦
    Thank you so much Fernanda! *smiles* Don’t be too sad. The story will continue. 🙂
    In a purely bizarre sl coincidence, the store that sells those glasses is on the exact location within the very same sim I had my first land in and built my first gallery. 🙂

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