Showing a little skin

During my flu induced delirium I decided I needed to make a Strange Pixels post about male skins. Sooooooooooooo that being said. Here are pics of barely dressed Dancienspskinfinal1Skin on the left:

Skin – Keith Olive 4 Portrait Skin – Laqroki

Hair – Modern Rail (Dark Brown) – Argrace

Boxers – Boxers Blue – Laqroki

Skin on the Right:

Skin – Thomas SK 2 – Belleza

Hair – Glide (Dark Brown) – Argrace

Boxers – be: black boxer – brief encounters

spskinfinal2Skin on the left:

Skin – Scorpio Origin 2(B) Body Hair – TheAbyss

Hair – Ministry (Chocolate) – Gritty Kitty

Sunglasses – Stream – RoleOptic

Boots – Cowboy Boots (Used Black) – hoorenbeek

Boxers – Basic Boxer Briefs Black – Casa Del Shai

Skin on the right:

Skin – Antonio Tan (Funky Monk) – FNKY

Hair – Untamed (Sable) – Naughty Designs

Boxers – Silk Striped Boxers – Alphamale


~ by danciengraves on March 2, 2009.

One Response to “Showing a little skin”

  1. The skin on the left has awesome face. The skin on the right has awesome skin-tone. I’m digging those boxers too!

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