the Mourna collection @ Nomine

Doesn’t everyone hope that someone will make something cool and name it after them one day?  I know it’s always been a badly-kept-secret dream of mine.

I never dared to imagine that it would be one of my favorite designers, my skin goddess Munchflower Zaius, and that it would be a whole line designed with my aesthetic in mind.

Allow me a moment of unrepentant vanity as I present to you the Mourna collection, available now at Nomine:



The Mourna gown with two gorgeous skirt styles and lingerie,  the Mourna hairstyle with its mass of glossy dark ringlets and spikes, four sets of hypnotic and soul-searing eyes, and four stunningly gorgeous skins.


I can die happy now.  But I’ll leave a FABULOUS corpse. 😀

All from Nomine:

skins ~

  • Sylvan China White – mourna red
  • Sylvan China White – mourna black
  • Sylvan China White – mourna autumn
  • Sylvan China White – mourna purple

eyes ~

  • Stained Contacts – ink
  • Stained Contacts – Mourna blue
  • Stained Contacts – Mourna gold
  • Stained Contacts – Mourna lilac

dresses, underwears ~ Mourna Gown

hair ~ Pretty Vermin “Mourna” carbon

Other Stuff:
lashes ~ Club 9 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
boots ~ Valerian Girls ~ Black ~ First Flower

~ by Mourna Biziou on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “the Mourna collection @ Nomine”

  1. I’m staring pretty hard at that Mourna Autumn :p

  2. If I ever had a female alt, you know what I’d look like.

  3. Momo, you are beyond worthy. ❤ (and did I mention utterly gorgeous?):)
    Munch, You are top of the game. Breathtaking work.
    *whispers seductively
    do eeet! do eeet nao!!

  4. Thank you for the kudos, I’m just happy she liked it all, and apparently quite a few other people did too! It was interesting to style an entire set after someone. I may have to try it again someday. I couldn’t have done any of it if Mourna wasn’t such an awesome muse. ❤

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