Lush Vagabond

I love it when things come together so perfectly.  The lush red of this kilt matched the gloves matched the corset so perfectly, they look like they were made for each other. ❤


This kilt is enticingly constructed of strips of matching fabric scraps, giving it a gypsy bohemian feel.  The entire right side is open, but the matching velvet pants peep through so that you never quite know if you’re seeing a flash of  leg or a swish skirt.  Perfect for belly dances.

The arm bells were actually made for the ankles, but since I wanted to wear some chunky boots from Dark Eden, I copied a set and popped them onto my arms.


This is one of my favorite ultra-long hairs I’ve ever seen.  I’m usually not a fan of all the clipping through the body, but this one falls and moves in such a way that I quite enjoy it.  And the metal adornments can be hidden with a voice command.

skin ~ Sylan China White – tristessa doll ~ Nomine
eyes ~ eyes by LL – quicksilver – large ~ Poetic Colors
lashes ~ Club 9 ~ Celestial Studios
hair ~ *MAYA* ~ EMO-tions
ears ~ Abyssal Ear: Fairy/Naturals ~ Illusions
tattoos ~ Night in Kandahar ~ Garden of Ku
face jewels ~ from the Black Resham sari ~ *Vlintuition’s New Bejaia Far East Market Sim*
piercing ~ Kabra ~ Cobrahive
choker ~ Pah Collar ~ Curious Kitties
necklace ~ Heartache Necklace Heavy ~ Dark Eden
corset ~ Velvet Crush . Red ~ Love Lace ❤
skirt/arm bells ~ *GUNGROO* kilt set ~ EMO-tions
gloves ~ Dark Eros Gloves Incarnadine ~ Ookami Ningen
boots ~ Nomad Boots Black ~ Dark Eden

~ by Mourna Biziou on February 17, 2009.

14 Responses to “Lush Vagabond”

  1. Gawd. I quit this fashion blogging thing, you win ♥

  2. PFFT. I think that every time you make a post! ❤

  3. Momo help me. I can’t take my eyes off these pictures. ❤

  4. *wipes chin* mmmmyummmm …

  5. How lovely momo. <3. You look like a beautiful, mysterious seeress…what dread fate do you see in store for me? 🙂

  6. Your pictures are always breathtakingly lush and beautiful.

  7. Thank you all! 🙂

    Only good things in store for you, my Juanita. ❤

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  9. neat

  10. Your pics are amazing and your face and fashion sense is beautiful.

  11. Thank you. 🙂

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  13. Mourna, beautiful as always! You see things were others don’t even think to look!

    Thanks for sharing.

    /drools some more

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