Boys Don’t Cry

… unless they’re pretty emo boys. 😛

The idea of a Boy-For-A-Day challenge was floating around Plurk a few days ago.  I don’t have to tell you that it’s all Achariya‘s fault, do I?

My schedule has been too hectic to really take part in the challenges that have passed around, but when boy-Mourna (aka Silas) caught wind of this one, he chloroformed me, tied me up in a sack, and hijacked my Photosphere for the day.  We have that love/hate thing going on.


Yes yes, the ubiquitous Abyss skin. What can I say… it just looks good.


I loves me a boy in a kilt, I does.

Picture the Firste:
skin ~ Scorpio_Dystopia[2]A Smooth ~ Abyss
eyes ~ quicksilver ~ Poetic Colors
hair ~ “Dare” – Black Pearl ~ Naughty
ears ~ Punky Ear: Fairy/Naturals ~ Illusions
tattoos ~ Human Code ~ Garden of Ku
shirt ~ Angel Bite Shirt ~ Gearshift
pants ~ Ruvido Slacks – Annerire ~ Armidi Gisaci
collar, arm/leg straps ~ Osiris ~ SiniStyle
belt ~ Beatnik Belt ~ SiniStyle
boots ~ Z Boots Basic – black ~ Shiny Things

Picture the Seconde:
skin ~ Envision Wraith Soul Patch Skin Blk B ~ The Body Politik
eyes ~ glowing coal ~ Poetic Colors
hair ~ Fiendish Wolf[Neo Black] ~ Find ASH
ears ~ Punky Ear: Fairy/Naturals ~ Illusions
shirt ~ StainD Beater Blk ~ FORM
kilt ~ sinner Kilt ~ EMO-tions
necklace ~ Heartache Necklace Medium ~ Dark Eden

~ by Mourna Biziou on February 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Boys Don’t Cry”

  1. *humps boy-Momo’s leg*

  2. rawwwwwrrr!
    My boy-Raindrop wants to go to Gearshift and spend my money there. xD

  3. 😮 – ! Well, it’s technically Sakuradawn Lei’s fault — she took blame for this one ❤ But boy do you look preeeetty. Our boi avatars should photo together sometime. Yummeh.

  4. Boy Momo is teh hawt ❤

  5. :O hotness!!! I still don’t get what people’s problem with the abyss skins are. I’ve seen them on lots of people and everyone looks different. Abyss is a great skin. It’s people’s shape that makes them look like clones. You look incredible 😀

  6. *asks you out on a date*

  7. Boys Don’t Cry 😉

  8. Damn fine and gorgeous!
    (There is mos def something about kilts!) 🙂

  9. Clever Ach, getting Sakuradawn to take the blame. You’re off the hook…. this time!

    @Rain – hehe. I totally nabbed that shirt from a post of Grady’s. 😀

    *waggles eyebrows at Ana*

  10. Ya know, I find it way too amusing- and not at all surprising- that your boy av is exponentially better than 99% of the full-time male avs I find myself subjected to on SL.

    I mean, christ, you’re not even microcephalic! What’s the deal?!

  11. “Abyss is a great skin. It’s people’s shape that makes them look like clones.”

    Ya know, I was pretty sure I disagreed with that statement, but I figured I’d do some research before I opened my big mouth, and thus, I went and snagged the demos.

    I’m wearing one now, and guess what?

    I really do look just like everyone else I’ve seen in them in-world. Maybe not a flatout clone, but twin? You betcha.

    And if you try to tell me my shape is the same as everyone else’s, you’re on fucking crack.

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