So, the other day (read: This morning) I thought to myself. “Darth Snookums (because recently that is what I am calling myself in my brain), I wonder if it would be possible to get an old school punk look in SL”

And I think I did. Maybe. Fuck if I know anymore.

jan29sp1Apparently, I’m looking for a fight. What I’m pissed about this time, I can’t really tell anymore. But on with the sneer. I was once told sneers are a very important aspect of punk rock. Also, it makes me sing Elvis songs. Maybe the two are related?

jan29sp2Oh, there is my cig. Was wondering who I left that on. Ratty Jeans – Check, Shirt-Check, Tattoos- Check, Generaly Disregard for the state of the world – BUNNIES

Dancien is wearing:

Hair – Sidd (Jet) – Discord Designs

Skin – FNKY Pale (Emo) – FNKY

Sunglasses – Mission – Role Optic

Jeans – Damage Jeans (Paint) – Argrace

Shirt – Coroner Tee – Renegade

Jacket – Highwayman Black Punk – Brutal Gear

Tattoo – Rock and Beer – Garden of Ku

Belt – Classic Belt – Blitzed

Necklace – Cutthroat – Sinistyle

Gloves – Taped Fingers – Sinistyle

Earrings – Black Widow Collection – Goth1c0

Wrists – Ringer (Black) – Renegade

~ by danciengraves on January 29, 2009.

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