Casual Day

It occurred to me recently that I don’t share enough casual ensembles.  Not every post has to be a theatrical costume, eh?

If you ever run into me out and about, I’ll very likely be wearing something like this.



Yay for new boots from Shiny Things!  I think I shall be shod in these Ving boots for some time to come.

skin ~ glow – Juxt ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel
hair ~ Sawa – Black Gray ~ Deviant Kitties
ears ~ Punky Ear: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
lashes ~ Glamour ~ Miriel
lip piercing ~ Mouth Rings & Spikes ~ Deviant Kitties
corset piercing ~ PAP2-Corset Piercing-Set 1-Arm ~ Aries Celestial Designs
top/jacket/tie ~ Harlow ~ Nightshade Designs
skirt ~ Denial of Autumn Skirt ~ Kyoot Army
boots ~ ving Boots – Black ~ Shiny Things
bracelets ~ No. 9 Bangles Skulls & Metal ~ Sn@tch

~ by Mourna Biziou on January 28, 2009.

8 Responses to “Casual Day”

  1. Love the skirt Momo …….I wonder if it comes in pink! :p

  2. need….boots….

  3. Hi!
    you know, i love the face!! is your a shape that you modified by you? I will love if you gave me some tip, i just love it!


  4. Hi Akelei. Thank you! Yes, I made it myself, starting with the default ruth and tweaking on it for about 6 months, heh.
    Tips? Well, for me, I wanted strong distinctive features that would be recognizable under any skin, so I gave myself some oddities like an over-sized nose, a slight underbite, knock-knees, and a rounder, shorter body shape.

    You might find this thread a handy resource for making your own shape:


  5. I just bought the boots. I had no choice in the matter. None.
    Whatsoever. At all.

    Love the outfit Momo, and the green just slays.

  6. Thanks Mourna 😀 i will take a look *giggles*

    and your avi looks really good, like it 🙂

  7. Really great look, love that skirt so much.

    xox Sasy xox

  8. drools on mourna’s boots!

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