I was out hunting for nothing in particular yesterday and then I came to Ookami Ningen, which is owned by the completely awesome Zorena Deckard. I think I definitely like what I came home with.

ookami1Both outfits came with the boots. The one on the left is called Regimented, the one on the right is called Dashing Cossack.

ookami2Both outfits come with prim cuffs, prim bottoms. The Cossack outfit comes with a variety of Epaulets and a fur collar if you so desire. I went with the high collar for this photo.

Dancien is wearing:

Outfit 1: Regimented for him Black and Silver – Ookami Ningen

Outfit 2:  Dashing Cossack (Rerelease with boots) – Ookami Ningen

Skin – Antonio Tan (Hitman Soul) – FNKY

Outfit 1 Hair: Wentz (Dark Choco) – Truth

Outfit 2 Hair:  Jared (Dark Choco) – Truth

Eyes – Human Eyes Cool Greens Peridot – Discord Designs

~ by danciengraves on January 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Uniform.”

  1. Hot Dancien is hot. 😀

  2. /me hits the agree button.

  3. Zorena Deckard is completely awesome, and those are two of my favs! Nice!

  4. Indeed, Dan- I have both of those, and a few others (including a fur-lined cloak some mysterious benefactress gifted me with years ago), and they’re great stuff. I love how Zor’s stuff is simple, without being simplistic- there’s an elegance to it that you can’t achieve with busier designs. Good stuff.

  5. *blushes*
    Thank you for the nice review and lovely comments

  6. Nice all round! Zor is one of a kind. ❤

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