Start Wearing Purple

I’ve always been fascinated by combinations of certain colors- black and neon green, dark blues and dark greys, pale pinks and harsh silvers, and, perhaps more than any other combination, the triumvirate of black, white, and purple.


There’s something about purple, by itself, that is unique, in my mind- cold, but embracing, drawing you in while still seeming distant.  The color of shadows, of the dying sky, of venous blood, of exquisitely bruised flesh, of sleepless nights, of certain smokes…


Purple and white, together, become something different, however.  Something softer, something intimate, something delicate, as gentle as purple and black is hard.


The three combined, however, result in a still further connotation, a sinister sense of the occult, of foreboding, of death but not the dead.  Purple, white, and black belong to the assassin and the arcanist, to poisoned blade and forbidden book, lethal hand and tainted mind.

Far more apt, I think, are black and purple, adorned with white, than whore’s red, pitchfork, and Van Dyke beard.  No simple satyr, twisted by perception born of fear and ignorance.  No.. something else entirely.

Something far truer.

~ The Irreverend is attired in: ~

Skin ~ (One-off customs) ~ Nomine
Hair ~ Elements ~ EMO_tions
Horns ~ Male Faun set (Obsidian) ~ Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese
Eyes ~ Custom ~ Nomine
Right Earring ~ Skull & Gem Pierce ~ MEZZO
Left Earring ~ Bone Collector (Group Freebie) ~ Nomine
Lip Piercings ~ Bone Collector Piercing ~ Nomine
Necklace ~ Neck Chain (Worn) ~ FORM
Shirt ~ Laid Back Tee & Collar (Eggplant) ~ Sn@tch
Gauntlets ~ [Rival Skoolz] Angelfist Limited Edition ~ GearShift
Belt ~ COLOR BELT (White) ~ BUKKA
Pants ~ Nomine Pants (Purple, Low-Rise)  ~ Nomine
Boots ~ Engineer Long Boots ~ J’s

Shot on location on BLITZED Island
Photos courtesy of Munchflower Zaius’ pic fu.

~ by Recidivist Sideways on January 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Start Wearing Purple”

  1. Fuck. Armband’s are custom, from Nomine. Not part of the shirt. And I’m too fried to edit, and reformat the credits section, as necessary whenever I try to edit it. So, yeah. Consider it bonus retard.

  2. oh my… I love purple! Try to mix it with green, brown or orange.

  3. mmmmm… bruisey.

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