Boneyard Burlesque

The delectable Io Zeno recently sent me scurrying off to Reasonable Desires, after stunning the New Year’s Eve assembly with one of their lovely costumes.

RD is one of those places I’ve heard about, but never seemed interested enough in to meander over and check them out.

Well, that was silly of me.  They really do have some great costumes and lingerie, and you can’t argue with the prices.


This getup, called “Burlesque,” comes in just about any color you could want.


Now, I’m a boot girl.  I don’t even think I’ve blogged any shoes before.  But I was all over these awesome skully shoes from Canimal.   And twitchy as it makes me to show a closeup of the atrocity that is the SL avatar ankle, you just gotta see these:


skin ~ Glow-Carbon ~ Gala Phoenix
hair ~ Riddle – Black A ~ Magika
eyes ~ Glamour Silver Big Eyes – Outer ~ InSight
lashes ~ Glitter Lashes ~ Deviant Kitties
ears ~ Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
outfit ~ Black and White Burlesque Costume ~ Reasonable Desires
necklace ~ Deadly Lullaby Necklace ~ Canimal
shoes ~ Boneyard Voodoo (black) ~ Canimal

~ by Mourna Biziou on January 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Boneyard Burlesque”

  1. Does it come in black?

  2. Her name was MOURNA!

    She was a SHOWGIRL!


    Nice, though. Very much rikey.

  3. IS a showgirl! Da bomb.
    /runs away to join Momo’s circus. 🙂
    (Ankles = SL’s shame)

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