Through the looking glass… darkly…

When men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go,


And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low?


Go ask Recidivist… I think he’ll know…

When logic & proportion have fallen sloppy dead,


The White Knight is talking backwards, and the Red Queen’s “Off with his head!”


Remember… what the Dormouse said…


~The dueling Reverends are attired in: ~

Skins ~ (One-off customs) ~ Nomine
Hair ~ Hello Goodbye (Black w/White Tips & White w/Black Tips) ~ Gritty Kitty
Eyes ~ Lusiphur Limited Edition (’07) ~ Nomine
Lip Piercings ~ Bone Collector Piercing ~ Nomine
Necklace – Shiva Pendant (Normal & “Mad Edit” Custom) ~ Handmaidens
Right Gauntlet ~ [Rival Skoolz] Angelfist Limited Edition ~ GearShift
Left Gauntlet ~ [Rival Skoolz] Angelfist Limited Edition ~ GearShift
Gloves ~ [Rival Skoolz] Angelfist Limited Edition ~ GearShift
Belt ~ COLOR BELT (C-Black, White) ~ BUKKA
Pants ~ Latex Pants (Black), Custom (White)  ~ SN@TCH
Boots ~ 3-Way Engineer Boots (Black, Beige) ~ J’s

Mirror Pose Entity Thing ~ Looking Glass ~ Sugar Mill

Photos courtesy of Munchflower Zaius’ pic fu.
“White Rabbit” lyrics courtesy of Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane.
Concept courtesy of vicodin.  Mmm, vicodin.

I’d just like to dedicate this shoot to Donovan Brennen, Ivey Deschanel, and Mourna Biziou, all of whom went the extra yard- hell, the extra mile- to make it possible.  You guys are great, and I truly appreciate you, old friends and new alike.

I also must dedicate this to my loving, ridiculously tolerant, and retardedly indulgent partner, Munchflower Zaius, who went so far afield on this that to classify it as “above & beyond” would trivialize it.  She’s still my bitch, though.

~ by Recidivist Sideways on January 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Through the looking glass… darkly…”

  1. Oh, and as I forgot to put in the post (and am too lazy to fight with the editor to add now), no PS tricks. We actually shot that in-world, with two avs – Munch as me, and me as negative me.

  2. That’s fucking brilliant! Gratz you two. 🙂
    NB. “Fucking Brilliant” aka Grady’s rarely used term for a slam dunk.

  3. No PS… *gasps and stares at the photos again* … … … (no words)… … …

  4. Well to be fair I did crop them in photoshop and add a border… but all the lighting and effects are purely from SL. There’s no filters run through those at all. And thank you Rev and everyone ❤

  5. Awesome set of pics.

  6. Holy fuck. That’s stellar.

  7. /me wants to go on those kind of trips more often. 🙂

  8. mew. i messed up the comment. i wanted to say too that zomg that is so cool. 🙂

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