What’s in Dancien’s Bag?

Recently Iris over on SCD decided to start a little blogger challenge. The “What’s in your handbag?” Challenge. Well I don’t have a handbag, nor did I see any guys with a hangbag enter the challenge. Well, it may not count but I has a bag I take with me everywhere I go. And now, I shall show you the contents in two parts.

whatbagThe bag in question is actually being hidden. I needed it to prop up some of the stuff in the bag. It is black and leather and has many many pockets.

  1. The Bag Itself
  2. My Day Planner/Paper Storage Facility/pen holder part 2 (I have like 300 pens and pencils in the bag itself but was not going to list them all)
  3. A hat. Always keep a spare hat. Especially when you have to get off the boat

Now for all that stuff on the bottom. Which is wide and varied and useful.

whatbag2 4. Is my sketchbook where I draw stuff when I feel like it

5. Is my writing books which can’t actually be read front to back as I use random pages whenever

6. Is my mp3 player which is full of awesome music

7. Is my handy dandy 100pc computer repair kit. Complete with a mini vacum clearner.

8. Is a pencil my friend Jay made me. It is made of Koa wood

9. Is my lighter. I actually usually have a zippo and three bics around me at all times

10. Is one of my knifes which is usually hidden in the bag

11. Is a level/screwdriver/flashlight multi-tool

12. Is a handcranked led flashling

13.  Is my crown royal bag full of dice. Yes, dice because I am still a gamer geek

14.  Those are condoms because according to most of my friends I am not allowed to breed

15.  It is STRING! Useful for tying things together and what not. In emergency can be used for ghetto bondage

16.  Calculator and Stapler

17. Another multi-head screwdriver of the ratcheting variety

18. A ruler.

19. My smokes.

So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my bag. and stuff.

~ by danciengraves on December 31, 2008.

6 Responses to “What’s in Dancien’s Bag?”

  1. What, no lube?

  2. Note: The smokes, they are empty. I am currently out of cigarettes which is a rarity. Usually I have 5 packs at any given time. So the empty smokes are a representation of said norm and stuff.

  3. And no, no lube

  4. I am corrected. Other dudes have been showing their bags

  5. that sounded dirty

  6. I don’t often carry a bag but my coat has copious pockets which contain the following:
    Cigarettes and lighter
    Sudoku puzzle book and pen (big pocket!)
    Keys. The keyring also has a mini torch on it.
    Access pass for work
    Bus pass
    Little plastic bags for picking up dog poop

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