’tis the season…

You’re late.


You’re a very naughty girl, keeping me waiting.


Just step a little closer, and don’t you worry, my dear…


I’ve got just the thing…


* * *

~The good Reverend is attired in: ~

Skin – (One-off custom) ~ Nomine
Hair ~ Ion (Carbon Tipped) ~ Pretty Vermin by Nomine
Eyes ~ Lusiphur Limited Edition (’07) ~ Nomine
Right Earring ~ Skull & Gem Pierce ~ MEZZO
Left Earring ~ Bone Collector (Group Freebie) ~ Nomine
Lip Piercing ~ Bone Collector Piercing ~ Nomine
Necklace – 666 Chain (Old Wood) ~ BLITZED
Right Arm ~ Chain Knuckles (Worn) ~ FORM
Left Wrist ~ Colour Bracelet-C (Red) ~ BUKKA
Left Gauntlet ~ PENANCE Bracers (Spiked, Wristpiece Only) ~ SiniStyle
Gloves ~ ManHandled Bracers Skull Gloves ~ SiniStyle
Boxers ~ Black & Spike Outfit (Male) ~ Acid & Mala Creations
Belt ~ God Save The Queen Set (Red) ~ Made In Hell & Heaven
Pants ~ God Save The Queen Set (Red)  ~ Made In Hell & Heaven
Boots ~ Klunk Boots (Red) ~ FORM

Photos courtesy of Mourna’s pic fu.

~ by Recidivist Sideways on December 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “’tis the season…”

  1. Hell yeah! Welcome Rev! ❤

  2. Thankee, dear. 🙂 ❤

  3. /cracks the envelope
    And the winner of the “Most Deliciously Sinister Fashionista in a Male Role”
    *breathless pause*
    Recidivist Sideways!

    Welcome Rev. 🙂

  4. <—runs to find an innocent schoolgirl outfit. So hawt.

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