I miss the 80’s

So, I was wandering around SL the other day and thinking to myself “Darth Snookums (because that’s what my brain refers to myself as), where can you find some 80’s clothing?” So I began to scour Second Life (Read: My LM Folder) and soon I found a workable outfit.


My first stop was at Argrace where I picked up the shirt/tie combo called Feel. It comes in several colors. I chose white and picked up a color called Jazz Blue because it said to (or at least it said to before I took meds but then I bought it anyway).

dec16th2And then I thought to myself. “Darth Snookums, you will need pants and shoes for this shoot. For if you do not wear pants you will scare the fashion feed and will cause Strange Pixels to be removed and then Mourna will kill you”. So I searched High and I searched low (Read: My LM folder again) and found a store called Calypso Giano. To my knowledge they are a new store and they have nice jeans (they could have nice genes but I have never met them so one can not assume). And they had pants, pants with the old school roll on the bottom. And so I purchased them in regular. (They have many different shades and some with graphics on them). And then I found the shoes in my inventory. All Star Chucks in Black from a store called hoorenbeek.

dec16th3The end result was somewhat 80’s looking. Shirt with tie with jeans with sneakers. Somewhere my grandfather is going to rise from the grave and consume my delicious brain meats for wearing tie and sneakers together. But wait….

dec16th4My future was so bright I needed to wear shades. And it was not night but we needed to wear sunglasses anyway. And so I went to Role Optic (which I love because their sunglasses don’t make me look like I’m on a coke binge and hunting for my last Tab Soda). And I discovered they have released new sunglasses of the sculpty variety.  They are called Mission and they are full of awesome.

And now in which I tell you exactly what I am wearing so you may continue to help the SL economy by purchasing said wares immediately upon reading:

Skin – Antonio Tan (babyface soul) – FNKY

Hair – Keitaro (Liquorice) – Discord Designs

Sunglasses – Mission – Role Optic

Shirt – Feel (White) – Argrace

Pants –  Stonewash Jeans  Classic F1 – Calyspo Giano

Shoes – All Star Black – hoorenbeek

~ by danciengraves on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “I miss the 80’s”

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  2. Pantsless pics are not to be posted. Pantsless pics are to be forwarded to my private email. kthnxbye

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