A Rose is a Rose is a…

Bare Rose.

A Second Life name to conjure with. One of my earliest Second Life memories is of painstakingly floating my av up and down and along the giant wall of outfits at Bare Rose Tokyo almost three years ago because I did not  know how to cam around yet.  I also remember going away happy and being utterly thrilled and pleased with myself for overcoming one of Second Life’s first rites of passage, learning to dress one’s self.

This post is in response to Winter Jefferson’s wonderful Bare Rose appeciation challenge.

I decided to use an item that is relatively simple compared to many of the extravagent and gorgeous costumes available.  Recently I found I needed to  put together a “curator” outfit because I was going to be meeting inworld at my gallery (studio/schauplatz v.2.0) with an RL artist from Germany who I wanted to exhibit.  I had recently noted a Bare Rose jacket (Belezza-black) on the fashion feeds that I particulary liked, and decided to build the look around that jacket, which also came with a lovely portrait collar shirt with turned back cuffs.  To say I was pleased with the result would be an understatement. It was my favourite outfit for many days after.


Back view, shown with my portrait of  Mourna Biziou, 2007.


Front view, shown with my portrait of Perriwinkle Waves, 2007.


Full length view, shown with my portrait of Casval Epoch, 2006.

Detaila sub rosa.

Jacket/Shirt ~ “Bellezza-black” ~ BareRose

Shoes ~ “Dangerous-black” ~ Maitreya

Jeans ~ “Athena-indigo” ~ Launa Fauna

Pendant ~ “Rosary ring-silver” ~ Handmaidens

Hair ~ “Chummy-platinum” ~ Eat Rice!

Eyewear ~ “Anand” ~ Nala

Skin ~ “Eros-porcelain” (custom makeup) ~ Nomine

~ by Grady Echegaray on December 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “A Rose is a Rose is a…”

  1. a flor de piel? 🙂 ❤

  2. mahveloos

  3. Damn I love your blog, Grady and Mourna. I want mine to be just like yours when it grows up.

  4. @Juanita
    Exakt! 🙂
    Thenk yew! 🙂
    Hee, Winter, thank you so much! (Your blog seems pretty growed up to me.) 🙂

  5. I adore your portraits, I’m so glad you showed them off here!

    I was so honored when you asked me to sit for one. 🙂

  6. Thanks bebbeh. I remember that period with great fondness. I think I did you justice. ❤

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