War….war never changes

tonk12051Glad somebody “gave” me this tent before the sands kicked up last night. Now to see what today brings….

tonk12052Today has given me a broken bridge apparently. From the looks of it a mutant was a little past the weight limit. Maybe I can jump it

tonk12053That was a little too close. Going to have to find a way around if I want to go back

tonk12054Is that a radio tower? Maybe I can use it to see if there are any others still breathing out there.

tonk12055Okay, so what to do before entering a building. Mostly pray. Pray for no ghouls, no super mutants and no unfriendly mercs.

tonk12056Impromptu DJ Dancien will not be happening from here. Looks like it too small rounds fire….maybe I can do something with the antenna on top….

tonk120571or maybe not. The thing looks live and I’m not feeling crispy today. Maybe I’ll come back….

tonk12058I keep seeing this….signs of humans yet nobody there. It’s like Zombie Apocalypse happened and nobody bothered to invite me. Smells good though. May move to here for the day…

tonk12059And it looks like lunch just showed up….dog…..again….

Dancien is wearing….

Helmet – Steel Helmet – Tonktastic

Hair – Maxx (Brown) – Gritty Kitty

Goggles – Fragmentation Goggles – Tonktastic

Mask – The Respirator – Tonktastic

Arms – Urban Arm Belts – Tonktastic

Shoulders – Urban Shoulder ArmorTonktastic

Jacket – Soldier JacketTonktastic

Belt – Stielhandgranaten BeltTonktastic

Shirt – Red StarTonktastic

Pants – Extinction Pants (Camo/black)Tonktastic

Boots – Devils Rejects WarbootsTonktastic

Gloves – Black Gloves – Black Ops

Gun – M1A – Black Ops

Skin – Antonio Tan Caveman Soul – FNKY


~ by danciengraves on December 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “War….war never changes”

  1. […] In which Dan shamelessly promotes Strange Pixels and shows his post-apocalyptic style __________________ BRUTAL […]

  2. /salutes, and pins a medal on Dan’s chest.

    Outstanding work soldier! 🙂

  3. Stay offa my property! *chambers round*

  4. I went into your fridge. I did things with the mashed potatoes. And then I used the bathroom and did not flush.

  5. I so need those shoulderpads.

    I’m not sure for what, but by god, I needs’em!

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