When Alts Attack!

… your wallet, that is.

It all began innocently enough.  A friend of mine started a thread over on SLU challenging everyone to show (if not name) their alts.  So I logged on a few different persona I have for various and sundry purposes, and snapped a few shots.

Then I got to this girlie, who hadn’t been logged on in so long that her clothes and skin were outdated and… just sad, really.  And boy, was she ever mad at me.

So mad, in fact, that she ran off shopping, depleting almost my entire balance in the process. 😦


Ah well.  At least I got a good post out of it.


Alright, back in the vault with you, missy!

skin ~ SOFIA 2.0 Skin 12 ~ MiaSnow
hair ~ Ratalynn – choco ~ Eat Rice!
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Sunlit Tree ~ Miriel
skirt/stockings ~ Dolly skirt (Pink) ~ amerie’s Naughty


~ by Mourna Biziou on December 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “When Alts Attack!”

  1. Pretty!!

  2. She’s pretty. I prefer Mourna more… but I wouldn’t complain if either of you slipped me your phone number.

    Or both.

  3. Even though its your alt I can still see Mourna its just a bit more traditional pretty. Where as Mourna is pretty but with an edge.

    And damn you Mourna now I gotta go get those boots. 😦

  4. ~Grins~ Well she deserved it Mourna! Poor lil thing. Now she’s right and rocking those stockings!

  5. This is a growing problem. 😦 (She is uber-cute though!)^:^

  6. hehe. Winter… she /is/ my alt… so if you get one phone number, you get them both. 😉

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