Bad Juju Kitty

Do not attempt to adjust your monitors.  I am, in fact, a neko today.


Blame Whirligig, perhaps.  Featuring a cuddly critter in my last post gave me fuzzy-tail-envy.

Or maybe blame the many coffees laced with Baileys that I’ve imbibed so far.


I’m a bad kitty up to nefarious deeds, and this new(ish) Magician’s Belt from Dark Eden holds all my sneaky feline potions and spells.

If I actually owned a cat, I could probably come up with some witty cat-themed magic here.  Elixir of hairball in your shoe?  Essence of sharpening claws on the back of your favorite chair?  I’m drawing a blank here.  Feel free to leave suggestions.


skin ~ Ocelot-V2 Gold ~ Starfuker Skins
eyes ~ Yellow Cat (Big) ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 9 ~ Celestial Studios
hair ~ Sheila (Dark Chocolate) ~ Zero Style
kitty bits ~ v2 Neko Counter Culture Ear/Starter Tail ~ =Hybrid=
vest/shorts/leggings ~ from the Brood set ~ Refuge
cuffs ~ Bronze Leather Wristcuffs ~ Gritty Kitty
gloves ~ StEaMpUnKt – barbed gloves ~ Nomine
stack o watches ~ Bracelet: Time has no meaning ~ Magika
choker ~ Time Travler Necklace ~ Magika
piercings ~ F1 piercing silver (tinted) ~ ::FlipSide::
bindi ~ Rust Shaman Bindi Medium ~ Dark Eden
belt ~ Magician’s Belt Black ~ Dark Eden
boots ~ Myth Boots Gryphon Grey ~ Lazy Places

~ by Mourna Biziou on November 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Bad Juju Kitty”

  1. That’s a wonderful outfit you’ve made! I love the idea of neko magician and a distillation of cat hair on a human’s best clothing might be popular. 😀

  2. *noms the kitteh*

  3. WoW!! What a wonderfully unique neko look. Fits you well Mourna. 🙂

  4. /scritches Momo’s ears. ^:^ ❤

  5. I love this look. Especially the ears… or.. ear. Are you wearing two different ears? One looks much more round than the other. If so, where is it from?

  6. Thanks Cha. 🙂

    The ears are both from the same set, but I had them set on random movement, so one would flick around backward occasionally. (That probably accounts for the different look.)

    /me perches on the arm of Grady’s chair =^.^=

  7. *purr* I agree, unique and slightly dangerous neko look much more interesting than the usual neko-ness! Love the skin and belt especially 🙂

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