Silver Mine

We can drink from silver vessels
We can feed from silver bowls
Then I’ll give you gilded treasures
Anointed by intoxicating oils
Drenched in riches unimaginable
Your splendour drips with jewels that are so beautiful


Launa’s leather pants are one of my wardrobe staples, so I was thrilled when I saw that she had released them in metallics.

I had to combine them with something extravagant, and it doesn’t get much more extravagant than Zorena’s furs.  They always make me feel so glamorous.


The skin (from Boneflower) is one Achariya has posted a few times, and it just looked so lovely on her, I had to pick it up.


skin ~ Deathly  F [Ebon Twilight Stalker] ~ Boneflower Designs
eyes ~ PC101: Copy/Large/Pet Rock ~ Treasured Visions
hair ~ Dana (Raven) ~ Zero Style
piercing ~ Kabra ~ Cobrahive
shirt ~ Lace Scarf Halter (Black) [from the Libertine set] ~ Sn@tch
jacket/legwarmers ~ Harajuku Punk Furs Natural Black ~ Ookami Ningen
pants ~ Isabeaux Leather Pants (Silver) ~ LF Fashions
boots ~ NAU Combat Boots (Unisex) ~ TheAbyss
collar ~ Choker Unleashed ~ TheAbyss
belt ~ Beatnik Belt ~ SiniStyle

~ by Mourna Biziou on November 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Silver Mine”

  1. mmm, what a lovely look on you. i have to hunt down the hair and shirt.

  2. And TEAL!

  3. /fans self.

  4. wow! gorgeous

  5. Thank you all 😀

    Yes TEAL! And GOLD…… something else…

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