Autumnal Mood

After all the elaborate Halloween costumery, it’s somewhat soothing to slip into a snuggly sweater and scarf.  Just writing this post makes me want a spiced cider in front of a crackling fire.


These cozy cashmere sweaters from Sn@tch are available in two different fatpacks with a huge selection of juicy colors.  Included with the sweater packs is this yummy sculpted scarf, scripted to allow you a choice between at least a dozen wonderful knitted textures.  The arm cuffs are from another sweater.


Hmm… I may have to take Grady out for a latte.  With a dash of Baileys.

skin ~ Pearl-Brownie ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Flecks: Copy/Large/Hazel ~ Treasured Visions
hair ~ Aisha type A  ~ Uncleweb Studios
ears ~ Punky Ear: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
sweater/scarf ~ Cashmere Sweater (Black)/ Cashmere Scarf ~ Sn@tch
cuffs ~ from the turtle sweater black ~ Kurotsubaki
skirt ~ Boro skirt ~ Kurotsubaki
boots ~ Kit – Onyx ~ Jaywalk
glasses ~ SG-31 Sunny ~ Role Optic


~ by Mourna Biziou on November 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Autumnal Mood”

  1. mm, i love that skirt from kuro. i haz it too. great look – ! i might need that gala skin.

  2. The texture on this scarf is yummy.

  3. Yeah, great scarf texture. 🙂 It’s not been easy to find a knitted texture that doesn’t look so real that its’ fugly.

    And that hair…Wants!

  4. Top to bottom perfect!
    We’ve earned those lattes Momo. 🙂


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