Why do I have ZZ Top stuck in my head?

There are times I sort of wish I was around in the 40’s and 50’s. Everybody dressed nicely. Suits and Hats were actually in and they didn’t look half bad. So, I’ve been hunting around SL looking for good suits for men and I do believe I may have found some.

First up we have a suit called Evening Revolution from a store called Mushashi-Do. It’s a revolution because it comes with more colors than I feel compelled to write about so we’ll just show one.

Colors for the jacket and pants come in dark blue, black, dark grey, light grey, beige, light blue, and the shirts total…there are about 20-30 of them and a good selection of ties. The price isn’t horrible either.

Next, I went to Armidi. I checked into their Gisaci line made my purchases and ran out of there screaming, avoiding eye contact with any of the bling people there. I like suits with color. They have a decent selection besides straight up black. For this little post I went with Midnight Blue

I thought the sculpty tucked in tie was a nice touch the fit isn’t bad. I actually bought three of these. with 3 different tie colors. Their Chocolate colored suit looks pretty good as well.

Then, I went to Redgrave and got a suit called “Suit Black Striped Open”. Out of the 3 suits I am showing here it was the most expensive (it was over 800L).

This suit actually came with some prim accesories. A belt buckle, tie clip, and cuff links. I can’t wear them though. They have bling. Please for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, stop putting blingy crap on suits. It kills their look and makes them look cheap.

And now for the obligatory where to buy stuff section

Skin – Antonio Pale (Emo + Bouncer Soul) – FNKY/Cake

Eyes – Human Eyes (Jade) – Discord Designs

Glasses – Stream – RoleOptic

Shoes – City Walk – Shiny Things

Suit 1: Evening Revolution – Musashi Do

Suit 2: Classic Italia Suit (Midnight) – Gisaci(Armidi)

Suit 3: Suit Black Striped Open – Redgrave

Hair 1: James (jet) – Discord Designs

Hair 2: Mr. Smith (Black) – Truth

Currently listening to Throbbing Gristle – Rabbit Snare


~ by danciengraves on November 2, 2008.

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