Malicious Glee

After my last post, I realized that I had not yet devoted any serious fangirlism to Schadenfreude.  Which is puzzling, considering I own almost everything in the shop.  So I’m here to correct that.

The Houxin ensemble (shown in white) is designed to complement these Heart skins from [][]Trap[][].   These items have been sitting in my inventory for a while, lacking that something to make it feel complete.   Then on my last visit to Schadenfreude, I discovered that Allegory is now venturing into hair!  I can’t wait to see how this progresses, because her first piece makes me so happy… you know… down inside.  It takes something special to get Mourna into a mohawk, lemme tell ya.

I’ve added an open skirt from <<Discord>>, because I’m completely smitten with that look right now.

One thing I really adore about Schadenfreude (besides the fantastic pieces, the reasonable prices, and the kickass store build)  is the *options* that are available with each piece.  When I say every piece is included on every possible combination of layers, plus extras, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.   Wonderful for mix and match, accomodating tattoos, etc.  I dearly wish every shop offered this.

skin ~ Heart Tone1 F Black lips ~ [][]Trap[][]
hair ~ B&W Stripe Veronique ~ Schadenfreude
eyes ~ Black Ice ~ Emortal EyeZ
lashes ~ Club 9 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Abyssal Ear: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
horns ~ Grumble Horns: Silver ~ Illusions
top/pants/gloves ~ White Houxin ~ Schadenfreude
open skirt/belts ~ from the KAKU-SHI Black set ~ <<Discord>>
boots ~ Gravel goth black plain ~ Spider Productions
piercings ~ Nose to Ear Chain & multi lip set ~ ::FlipSide::
collar ~ Isis Collar ~ Sinistyle

~ by Mourna Biziou on October 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Malicious Glee”

  1. You look like the Queen of the Underworld Momo. Every part of that look is perfect. ❤
    (Does Spider Productions have anything to do with Spider Mandala?)

  2. Thank you Gradeh 🙂 *kiss*

    (Spider Carnot, I believe.)

  3. I hate and love Discord! I love their prizes, and their clothes. But to find a special thing there…no way! No hope! Well I bought 2 other outfits there while I was looking. But I couldn’t find what you were wearing. I found the same name on a male outfit that looked totally different. I liked how the top show off tattoos without looking slutty. You can’t be an angel and see if what you wear really was KAKU-SHI?

  4. Hi Marianne!

    Yep, the open skirt is definitely from the KAKU-SHI set. But what I’m wearing is only the belt skirt. (And yes, I believe it is a male set. I remember it does have a hood, if that helps?)

    Discord is a funny place. The ads don’t do the pieces justice, so it’s sometimes hit or miss.

  5. /me slaps herself… a-HA! Now I know what I did wrong…. I was looking for a set with that TOP in it. Stupid me. I blame it on the flu. Schadenfreude next stop. Well I bought 1 thing in Discord that I didn’t like, and it’s so wonderful that I could give it away instead of just delete it. Nice permissions!
    I love your pictures. This blog is on my top list, you put together things so well and show it perfectly.

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