Veiled Illusions

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Halloween-themed post to squee about the Jewelry Expo a bit.

Let me first tip my metaphoric hat to Miriel Enfield for all of her hard work and perseverence.  This has to be one of the most pleasant and lag-free Expos I’ve ever attended.   Every future expo organizer should come to her for lessons.

Now onto the goodies.

There were many many beautiful things there, but in today’s post I’m going to focus on the offerings from Siyu Suen of Illusions.  Her mastery of the sculpted prim is truly a marvel.  I keep thinking she can’t get any better, and she keeps proving me wrong.

Like all of her releases, these sets are delightfully scripted with an infinite variety of fabric, metal, and stone selections.   Note to all jewelry designers:  I’m much more likely to buy your creations if I can change the colors to match my outfit.

For the Expo, Siyu has released 4 Jewelry and Veil sets.  You simply must see the veils in person, as she sculpted them to actually fit over the shape of a face.  They even fit over my prodigious schnoz!

The Amirah set, with its intricate and beautiful frills and curls.  Shown in Antiqued Silver and Black.

These silks from Miriel make me sad that she’s never made another set.  I especially love the cut of the bottoms, which prove that you don’t have to wear a thong to be sexy

The Bahiya set, my personal favorite.  Shown in Antiqued silver and Black.

This is my staple set of silks.  I adore harem pants, and I’m not sure why there aren’t more available in SL.

The Suleika set, shown in Antiqued silver, Blue, and Sodalite stone.

The Madiyah set, shown in Antiqued Silver, Black & White, and Black Onyx.

SLurls after the cut.

Pic 1:
skin ~ WL China White – Natural Vamp ~ Nomine
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Onyx ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
hair ~ Delphini Charcoal ~ Philotic Energy
silks ~ Harem Rose Jet/Silver ~ Miriel
necklace/headband/earrings/arm cuffs/veil ~ Amirah set ~ Illusions (Jewelry Expo)
shoes ~ Estampie – dark velvet ~ Lassitude & Ennui

Pic 2:
skin ~ Pearl – Fever ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
hair ~ Kathleen – Pitch Black ~ Refuge
silks ~ Jasmine Harem Silks – Black ~ Analise
necklace/headband/earrings/arm cuffs/veil ~ Bahiya set ~ Illusions (Jewelry Expo)
sandals ~ Fringe sandals – black and smoky quartz ~ Shiny Things

Pic 3:
skin ~ Pearl-Film Noir ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Silver Screen ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
hair ~ Kalee Jet Black (modded) ~ Philotic Energy
manicure ~ Nail Candy (Onyx) ~ Sn@tch
silks ~ Kadin in Blue/Silver ~ Solange!
necklace/headband/earrings/arm cuffs/veil ~ Suleika set ~ Illusions (Jewelry Expo)
shoes ~ Kadin Harem Slippers in Blue/Silver ~ Solange!

Pic 4:
skin ~ Pearl-Brazen ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Platinum ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
hair ~ Emma – Pitch ~ Maitreya
manicure ~ Nail Candy (Black/White Tips) ~ Sn@tch
silks/lower bracelets ~ Devotion Silk – BLACK ~ Solange!
necklace/headband/earrings/arm cuffs/veil ~ Madiyah set ~ Illusions (Jewelry Expo)

~ by Mourna Biziou on October 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “Veiled Illusions”

  1. Yummeh!!! you look awesome ❤

  2. I agree on all counts. Siyu’s stuff is awesome, Miriel’s Expo organizational skills are the awesome, and yummy silks by Miriel too…

    I believe the expo- for having almost 80 designers on one sim has the best time dilation I’ve ever seen.

  3. Oh my. /noms.

  4. All right, who’s going to give me thousands and thousands of $L so I can completely buy out Siyu’s entire inventory?

  5. Note to self: Go to expo tonight! Don’t forget bish, go to expo!

    Gorgeous. Just squee fecking gorgeous!

  6. Holy cripes, those things really… MATCH! The blue on the Khadin set is completely uncanny… how’d I do that? @.@

    Thanks guys, and thanks Natalie… but let’s face it, the sight of momo in silks would make us buy almost ANYTHING ♥

  7. hehe. Thankyouverrehmuch! ❤

    Siyu… I kind of thought you planned it to match that well. The blue ones, at least. The B&W match was a happy surprise. 🙂

  8. Silkily perfect posting. In every way.

  9. I see what you have written in the background there 😦

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