*iPhone rings*

*Hi doll, it’s Maddy. Well done on the Suntory shoot. You rocked their world. Yoshi just won’t shut up about you. He said you were SO intense! Look, I know this is your last day in Tokyo. But I just found out that Holger is doing an exhibition in Shibuya. I’ve texted details and a map to your phone. Could you swing by there on your way to Narita, and pick me up a catalogue? I’ll owe you one!*


*iPhone signal lost*


*taxi ride to Shibuya*

(Wow, this is some show. Love the pink! And here’s the catalogue too.)

*Excuse Miss? Are you Grady?*

(Why yes, I am.)

*Can I picture take, please? My name Midori.*

(*smiles*, Of course you may, Midori. In front of this lovely green one?)


(And a closeup? Midori, my middle name is closeup. *smiles*)

*Domo arigato*

(You’re very welcome Midori! So nice to meet you! Please excuse me now, I see a Starbucks across the road, and they have a latte with my name on it!)

~Details and notes in the Starbucks across the street.~

Hair ~ “Chummy” platinum light Eat Rice!

Skin ~ “Eros-Porcelain” (with custom makeup treatment by Munchflower) Nomine

Eyewear ~ “Twinz” (with multicolor function) PrimOptic

Earrings ~ “Chinese Lantern earrings” red Paper Couture

Coat ~ “Tidori coat” Sey

Leggings ~ “Long Leggings” bronze (Worn as hose.) Maiiki

Boots ~ “Dune” powder pink Maitreya

Glass topped table, with chair~courtesy Jessica Ornitz

Two notes about this post~

Munchflower Zaius rocks. She knows why.

I am indebted to the German artist Holger Lippmann for his kind permission to use his images as elements in this post. Holger Lippmann has been working with digital images in art making for over a decade. More information about his work may be found through the following links.

Holger Lippmann is represented by:




Holger Lippmann on Flickr

Holger Lippmann’s website

~ by Grady Echegaray on September 23, 2008.

12 Responses to “Pink.”

  1. I approve of this for the obvious reason. My people unite!

  2. Gorgeous art, Grady, and the coat, wow!

  3. Outstanding post.

    I was worried that the blog might spontaneously implode from the pink, but it didn’t. So that’s good.

  4. @GL
    Thank you sir. Your approval has been approved.
    Hee, I’ve been saving that coat. Knew I wanted to feature it the instant I saw it.
    Pink is indeed a hazardous color, it’s a good thing I’m a trained professional. No blogs were harmed in the production of this post. 🙂

  5. The boots .. the coat .. must have.

  6. zomg. you look so amazing. pink and platinum. (platinyum?) :fangirl:

  7. The coat. Bloody hell, THE COAT!
    I just checked Holger Lippman’s flickr. Wow. Great art.

  8. @Dec
    That’s….exactly….how I felt too!. 🙂
    @ Rain
    It’s a sweetie allright. 🙂
    Yes, Holger has a fabulous eye. I’m so glad you took a peek.


  10. Hadron Collider fails.

    Strange Pixels does Pink.

    You do the maths. 🙂

    And yes, ze Coat is amazing.

  11. @Holger
    Hee, no u!
    I blame Aimee! 🙂

  12. […] police* pssst… tell us where you got everything! pretty please /whispers All is revealed at strange pixels. […]

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