You mean they make it in something besides black?

So… after I rambled on last time about never wearing color, and overused words like  “monochrome,” and “texture variance,”  I promptly decided to prove myself wrong.

Decadent was working on an outfit with suspenders recently, and while helping her look I completely rediscovered these awesome jacket-layer ones from Thimbles, which had been sitting in my inventory for god knows how long.

Ok, just look at this backpack.  Is this not zomgawesome?  I don’t usually go for purses and bags and such in SL, because I get sick of lugging one around all the time in RL, and there really is no point to doing it in SL.  But this, as a fashion accessory?  Oh hell yes.  It looks like it should have something interesting inside, but alas it does not.

Punky Brewster was not beat up, robbed, and left stripped naked in an alley due to this post.  Honest.

skin ~ Glow-Rosette-Sans Frex ~ Gala Phoenix
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel
lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios
ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
hair ~ Fiendish Wolf [Neo Black] ~ Find ASH
top ~ Cropped T – Skull (Black) *tinted purple* ~ *Hexed* Alt
suspenders ~ Mr Suspenders ~ Thimbles
skirt ~ Envy Skirt (Black) ~ *Hexed* Alt
gloves/socks ~ Stripey Set [WARM] ~ !*  REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!
backpack ~ Mr. BONES COFFIN BackPack ~ !*  REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!
collar ~ Isis Collar ~ Sinistyle
bracelets, left hand ~ Oz Bangles ~ Gritty Kitty
bracelets, right hand ~ No. 9 Bracelets (Skulls & Metal-RT) ~ Sn@tch
boots ~ Unisex Laced Boots ~ Crimson Shadow (made by Kaeli Candour)

~ by Mourna Biziou on September 21, 2008.

11 Responses to “You mean they make it in something besides black?”

  1. You look sensational. I’ve never seen jacket layer suspenders, thanks for highlighting these. And I’m so ganking that backpack.

  2. ❤ Xrebel, their strawberry backpack is an awesome conversation starter.

    Oh, and ❤ you for telling me about the suspenders — among other reasons.

  3. Fantastic! I absolutely dig the gloves and socks.

  4. As long as it does come in black.

  5. I kept trying to come up with something witty to say that wasn’t too provocative, but every time I tried, it was drowned out by images and scenarios that surrounded the term “taste the rainbow.”

  6. always love your look!

  7. This post is illegally kewt.
    That backpack pwns.
    Punky who?

  8. 😀 Thanks gais!

    I assure you Gabe, it always comes in black.

    What, scrim, nothing about the pot of gold? I admire your restraint.

    @Gradeh – omg, don’t tell me that you didn’t have Punky Brewster in Canada! How sad for you. 😦

  9. […] left by Gritty Kitty bangles, right by Sn@tch collar by Sinistyle (the slurls for this stuff are here, if you’re interested) __________________ Mah […]

  10. Stunning as always 😉

  11. You are officially my fashion guru! I love your look!

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