This is where I make a witty title

So, I was bopping around the Grid the other day and asking myself “Oh where oh where have all the cool male goth clothes gone?”. Much to my surprise, I think I may have found some by revisting some of the more established stores. I am discovering that Discord Designs is my new favorite hair place as well. Yes this means you other hair designers better catch up on the male hair front.  Now enough of me sitting here beating my face against the keyboard wondering what the fuck I’m going to say next. On with the pictures.

More after the cut

This first outfit is called Beloved by Silent Sparrow. I chose the Blood color because it appeals to my dark and gawfic soul..(or something and they come in more colors). The eyes are from Numinous Designs by Nebulosus Severine though I am not sure the store is currently open.

This outfit is called Nyx. It’s also by silent sparrow. I chose the straight up black because A: They didn’t have anything darker and B: Now I don’t have to worry about matching. The detail on the pants is pretty awesomesauce if you ask me (And you didn’t but I’m gonna tell you anyways).

And last but not least we have this outfit. It’s called Noir. It’s by Rfyre. I was a bit skeptical at first but after walking around in it for awhile I’m definitely going to keep it in my inventory. And now where to go forth and purchase said goodies.

Skin – Keith Pale 10 Portrait Skin – Laqroki

Hair – Kiriyama (Jet) – Discord Designs

Outfit 1 – Beloved (Blood) – silent sparrow

Outfit 2 – Nyx – silent sparrow

Boots for 1 and 2 – Pirate Boots (Beau/Strapped/Flared) – Illusions

Outfit 3 – Noir –  Rfyre

Boots for 3 – Assault Boots –  Draconic Kiss

~ by danciengraves on September 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “This is where I make a witty title”

  1. Mm, I do love a boy in sparrow suits ❤

  2. Yum!

  3. […] I am lazy and believe in shameless plugs Oh hey look […]

  4. veddy nice.

  5. That first outfit is just wonderful looking. /takes notes.

  6. Haha… I’m producing a short film called Nyx… how random…

    P.S. Love the looks!

  7. Lookin’ great, Dan! \o/
    And awwwww, you’re wearing eyes I made, woot!!
    Numinous is, in fact, closed, but I am reopening a new store within the month, hopefully.

  8. Gawth overdose! :fansself: Great outfits Dan. 🙂 Hya has always been a great designer but lately she has really been outdoing herself.

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