Black & White (& Red All Over)

[Edited to add:  I totally gave the wrong slurl for ZIPS when I sent this post out last night.  Eep!  That’s what I get for blogging at 1AM.  The correct SLurl is: ZIPZ, and it’s been fixed after the cut as well.  Sorry about that.]

I have a helluva lot to show you today, so let’s get to it!

So I had put together outfit A, and was poking around SLX looking for some jewelry to go with, when I found store X, and outfit B was born.  But outfit B was so similar to outfit A, I decided to blog them both!  Then I saw that outfit B looked so fantastically smexy on person Z, I knew I had to include pictures of her as well.

*takes a breath*

Still with me?

Yeah, I don’t usually know what I’m talking about either.  HAI LOOK, PICTURES!

Outfit A:

I love this hair from Philotic Energy, although I’ve never worn it much because of the straight-bang style.  But I got off my butt last night and combined it with some ETD bangs, thereby elevating it to one of my favorite hairstyles.

This ensemble started as a happy accident.  When I was searching for the hairstyle in inventory (called Velvet,) I happened upon this corset from Silent Sparrow (also called Velvet,) and the match was just too delicious to pass up.

Now, I love these sculpted legwarmers.  Let’s get that out of the way, they’re absolutely darling.  Now it’s time for Mourna to do a little scolding.   After buying these legwarmers (and a few other items) at Moloko, I started receiving group spam from their store.  This is such an obnoxious business practice, I almost decided not to blog them.  Eventually my vanity got the better of me, but I couldn’t show them to you without a warning.  Group spam makes Mourna supersad.  It also makes her speak in third person, evidently…

So!  While searching for some skully jewelry on SLExchange (which I use as a kind of catalog for shopping inworld,) I happened upon the above skull cameo from ZIPZ.  I’m amazed I haven’t heard of this shop before!  Very cute stuff, I spent a bundle.  One of my favorites looked quite similar to the above ensemble, so I decided to blog them together.

I give you, Outfit B:

Poofy hair!  I just adore this ‘do.

One of the reasons I love this outfit so much is that multiple pieces are included, not the least of which are BOOTY SHORTS!  Yeah, my dirty secret is out.  :O

This set undresses really well.  Makes me want to jump on a pole, or something.  Maybe.  Or just splash my bum across the blog.  There we go.

I usually drag my good friend Zorena along with me when I shop, and we usually end up buying many of the same pieces.  When I saw how good this set looked on her, I couldn’t pass up giving you guys a peek.

RAWR!  Amirite?  Yeah, I’m right.

Lots of SLurls and details after the cut.

Outfit A:
skin ~ WL China White – vamp black ~ Nomine
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel
ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions
manicure ~ Nail Candy (Black/White Tips) ~ Sn@tch
hair ~ Velvet Black (modded) ~ Philotic Energy
bangs ~ Long Bangs Right – Ebony (modded) ~ ETD
piercings ~  “Dead Ringer” Piercing (Group Gift) ~ .D.O.D. (Designs of Darkness)
necklace ~ Light Metal Necklace with Skull Camee and Black Lava Stones ~ ZIPZ
bracers ~ Dark Soul Bracers (small) ~ Ookami Ningen
boots ~ Lampwick Black ~ First Flower
legwarmers ~ Legwarmer B/W ~ >>>moloko<<<
corset ~ Ghost Velvet Corset ~ ~silentsparrow~
sweater ~ *PBI* Le Shrug (coal) ~ Pushbutton Industries
skirt/belt ~ Attitude Skirt – Black ~ *Hexed* Alt Clothing
socks ~ RoxSox Stockings – Gray ~ Curious Kitties

Outfit B:
skin ~ WL China White – vamp black ~ Nomine
eyes ~ Standard Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel
manicure ~ Nail Candy (Black/White Tips) ~ Sn@tch
hair ~ big bomb hair 2 ~ BettiePage Voyager
bangs ~ Fringe Bangs – Ebony (modded) ~ ETD
piercings ~  “Dead Ringer” Piercing (Group Gift) ~ .D.O.D. (Designs of Darkness)
necklace ~ Light Metal Long Necklace Dark Skull ~ ZIPZ
bracers ~ Dark Soul Bracers (small) ~ Ookami Ningen
turtleneck ~ {Gisaci} Classic Cashmere Turtleneck – Black (Men’s) ~ Armidi
shorts/skirt/harness/belt ~ Belted Tartan Dark Set ~ ZIPZ
socks ~ RoxSox Stockings – Gray ~ Curious Kitties
boots ~ Deception Boots (No mod, yes scripted) ~ SiniStyle

On Zorena:
skin ~ Sugar- Zorena ~ LF CHAI
hair ~ CarrieBlack ~ Bish
tattoos ~ Sakura Ogon Tattoo ~ >>>moloko<<<
shorts/harness ~ from the Belted Tartan Dark Set ~ ZIPZ
corset(under harness) ~ from the Black Rubberific Corset set ~ Bugshit
boots ~ 04 – drawmachine overknees ~ the Drawmachine


~ by Mourna Biziou on September 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “Black & White (& Red All Over)”

  1. great outfits make Genevieve talk in third person… and she salutes your post!

  2. Glad you liked the piercings, they look hot on you. Oh I have wanted that skull corset from silent sparrow, it calls to me every time I pop over to check the lucky chair 😀 That necklace is gorgeous, me wants!!

  3. love love what you did to Velvet…*wanders off to fix bangs on it now* the rest of the outfits totally gorgeous and now i’m gonna have to wander off shopping as well.

  4. Smexy.

  5. love the legwarmers!!

  6. That last model has some really strange pixels. 😉

  7. me loves the big hair. 🙂

  8. Holy comment explosion, Batman!

    @ Rezit: They’re great! I love the subtle glow on the piercings, really makes them pop.

    @ aemelia: I’m glad you like the mods! I wish straight bangs looked good on me, but they never do. 😦 I ❤ your hair!

    @ zorena: I agree, she looks Dangerous! 😉

  9. It’s not often that one post makes me run out and buy jewellery, hair, tattoos, clothes and boots! Warning: Hazardous Blogging Could Cause Permanent Injury To Your Readers Linden Balance!

  10. ooh thats a lovely necklace/choker thing… especially with lots of pirate parties coming up.

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