Drowzy in Obscurum

Have you been to Templum Ex Obscurum?

If not, you should.  Now.  I mean, read my post first, then go.

I dropped by after seeing Affinity Moody’s enthusiastic reccomendation and lovely pictures.  This is truly one of the most breathtaking creations I’ve yet to find in SL.

I apologize now for the picture-heavy post.  Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

I’ve had these drow costumes for scrim and myself on the back-burner for a while now, but one look at Baron Grayson’s outstanding sim(s) told me that this was the backdrop I had been looking for.

It’s best not to mention the things I had to do to convince scrim to don white for me. :p

(I jest.  He’s a jolly good sport. <3)

More pictures, outfit details, and SLurls after the cut.

on scrim:

skin ~WL Male Aether: Ash ~ Nomine

eyes ~ Realistic Eyes – Eclipse ~ Miriel

hair ~ “The Outsider” – Mirage ~ Naughty

tattoos ~ “Underworld Journey” ~ Aitui Tattoo

outfit ~ Misae MALE white ~ Husky GFX

shoes ~ Shanghai Grey/White ~ Jeepers Creepers

on Mourna:

skin ~ Steel Starlet Skin 2 ~ miaSnow

eyes ~ (custom) ~ Emortal EyeZ

lashes ~ Club 4 ~ Celestial Studios

hair ~  * Nao *(Silver) ~ Zero Style

ears ~ Mystic Fairy Ears: Aether ~ Illusions

outfit ~ Misae female white ~ Husky GFX

lower arm bands ~ Thetis Gloves – mistweave ~ Dark Eden

Templum Ex Obscurum


~ by Mourna Biziou on September 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Drowzy in Obscurum”

  1. I really dig the second to last close-up. It is one of those pictures where the digital form takes on full emotion. I like that place so much because the movement of everything draws you in. It isn’t flat and lifeless like some other places on the grid.

  2. “I like that place so much because the movement of everything draws you in.”

    Absolutely! The water, in particular…. just amazing.

    Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. Luvverly.

  4. Nice, guys. Inspirational.

  5. Now I’ve seen it all! Scrimmy and Mournah in white. Spooky, mysterious and outstanding images. *hugsyouboth*

  6. White is the new black. Lovely!

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