Clothes for Guys Episode 1

Hi this is Dancien. So, on top of posting entries about cool and unusual clothing I find for men in Second Life I am also going to do this every now and then. Clothes for Guys is going to feature fairly regular clothing. Stuff you would see guys actually wearing out in the real world. And for my blog in this series I am going to be featuring this pretty awesome store by the name of Kal Rau. Their store is actually pretty nicely done. You don’t have to spend eons in the SL lag waiting for stuff to rez and then hunt and find it. It’s a Unisex Store for the most part. They sell jeans, shirts, shorts, Capri pants (which..nobody should ever wear Capri’s I don’t care who made them) So without further ado, here come the clothes

The Military Shirt from Kal Rau actually comes in two colors. The one I am showing and a green one. It has 4 sculpted prims. 2 on the shoulders 2 on the sleeves. The pants also come from Kal Rau and are called Skate Pants. They come with a multitool that hangs off a chain as a right hip attachement.

The shoes are from Hoorenbeek. They’re called All Star HiTop Used they come in a variety of colors but considering that I am so goth I totally sacked Rome I tend to stick with black.

Okay, many many SL moons ago I discovered this little store called EKO. They make some of the coolest belts and prim accessories I’ve seen in Second Life. This belt is called the Builder’s Belt. When you buy it, it comes with a male and female version. They also make jewelry and helmets with are pretty damn nifty if you ask me. So yes, go out buy the store (it’s actually reasonably priced).

And thus concludes our first episode of “Clothes for Guys”.

Skin – Antonio Tan – Rugged Soul – FNKY

Hair – Criss (Coffee) –  Discord Designs

Eyes – Eyes Peridot – Discord Designs

Undershirt – FNKY! Tee (white) – FNKY

Tattoo – Mohawk Half Sleeve – Garden of Ku

Shirt- Military Shirt – Kal Rau

Pants – KR Skate Pants – Kal Rau

Shoes- All Star HiTop Used (Black) – hoorenbeek

Necklace – DogTags – Sinistyle


~ by danciengraves on September 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Clothes for Guys Episode 1”

  1. Sorry to be a nuisance; but a small matter for clarification:

    The hair isn’t ‘Criss’, but a another style of mine called ‘Keitaro’… Criss is the one with the side-parting.

    Thanks, and I’ll get my coat.


  2. You are absolutely right and I apologize. I was writing another entry using the Criss hair and my wires got cross. The hair is indeed “Keitaro”

  3. Either way, it definitely suits you! 😉

    Thanks again,


  4. I really like those eyes. They’re quite piercing, but not in a bug-eyed, psycho way.

  5. Nice work Dan! Interesting tats, and I’m a sucker for belts like that. I love highly detailed attachments. 🙂

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