Crimson Dandy

Big thanks to Sai Pennell for blogging Discord a few days ago!  I had to immediately rush over, and after acclimating to the migraine-inducing confusion and design of the shop, I found some real gems there.

Discord really is reminiscent of Bare Rose in many ways.  Not just in the mind-boggling store design, but the clothes as well.  Full of Mix-n-Matchy goodness.  And from what I’ve seen, the ads don’t do the clothes justice at all.

I’m so in love with this skirt/pants combo right now, I never want to take it off.

I tried to catch some shots that show you the gorgeous, floaty movement of it.  If you don’t wear this dancing, it’s going to waste.

I wasn’t fond of the top that came with this ensemble, so I’ve paired it with some lush velvet pieces from PixelDolls.

Details and SLurls after the cut.

skin ~ WL China White – vamp red ~ Nomine

eyes ~ (custom) ~ Emortal EyeZ

ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions

hair/hat ~Thursday – black ~ Gritty Kitty

corset ~ Annie Bodice Mix Jacket ~ PixelDolls

undershirt ~ Torn Nylon Shirt Long ~ Sheer

open skirt with belts, bell-bottom pants, muffler ~ from the SHI-DO Red set ~ Discord

gloves ~ Sculpted Velvet Gloves: black ~ PixelDolls

armwarmers ~ Prim Gloves w color/fabric change HUD ~ PixelDolls

necklace ~ Industrial Necklace ~ Magika


~ by Mourna Biziou on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Crimson Dandy”

  1. Discord really is one of those treasure chests. But it’s a pain in the ASS to navigate and it’s just really an eyesore to take in. I agree about the ads vs the actual quality also. I was just saying to someone yesterday that some of my favorite hairs ever came from Discord! It’s definitely one of those diamonds in the rough.

  2. love the necklace

  3. Messed up store design (even with good stuff for sale) is rapidly becoming one of my pet rants.

    Love the outfit though! Top Hat = Grady swoon. 🙂

  4. On the upside… you’re more likely to find good things that you don’t see on everyone and their mom, as many people are unwilling to endure the trouble of actually shopping there. :p

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