A Tale of Two Discords

So, last night while talking to Mourna she suggested I head down to Discord and see what they have in the men’s section. Well, apparently there are a few places in Second Life called Discord.  The Discord I did find is called Discord Designs . While I was there I discovered they had some rather nice hair for men, also they have a rather nice and inexpensive eyeball collection. They also have male facial hair including some crazy long beards. After making several purchases I went to the Discord Mourna was talking about. After a lot of looking I found an outfit I could wear. Here are the results:

Clothes: Luna (Purple) – Discord

Skin: Antonio Pale Gothic Tears – FNKY/CAKE

Boots: Assault Boots – Draconic Kiss

Piercings: Black Widow Piercing Collection 1 and 2 – Goth1c0

Tattoo: Tetsuo – Garden of Ku

Hair: Kiriyama (Ultra Violet) – Discord Designs

Eyes: Human Eyes (Verdigris) – Discord Designs

And yes, I do tend to suck at photography 🙂


~ by danciengraves on September 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Discords”

  1. Wooo! I’d say welcome to the strange side Dan, ‘cept I figure you been living there awhile already. 🙂
    So what I’ll say instead is welcome to Strange Pixels! Great that you’re posting here.

  2. Happy first post! \o/

  3. yayayayayay DAN!!!!!! I knew you were a fashionista at heart! Betch!<3

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