Goths <3 Crochet

Not feeling particularly inspired by any new releases lately, (not to mention, a tad short on $L) so inventory shopping I go to showcase another Hair Fair find.

Find ASH is definitely a wig-maker to keep your eye on.  Lots of nice fluffy alphas, creative construction, and prodigious technical skill are the watchwords here.

The styles are punky and edgy,  so the knitted ensemble I’ve featured wasn’t my immediate choice.  But the pants just beg to be tucked into some combat boots, and a few straps and buckles can achieve wonders.

Are you sick of Cubic Effect yet?  Well too bad, because I’m not through talking about them. 😛

The realistic details are pretty much singular in SL.  Their use of sculpted prims to accent give a depth and reality to clothing that you almost never find.  This is not a painted-on bodysuit of clothing, this is real, rumpled, wrinkled materiel.  And look!  I have to point out that, where the waistband of the pants stands out from the body, there is even a shadow on the skin (baked onto the pants layer.)

Don’t even get me started on the collar.  It makes me happy in places it’s best not to go into here.

Details after the cut, you know the drill.

skin ~ WL China White – vamp red ~ Nomine

eyes ~ (custom) ~ Emortal EyeZ

ears ~ Punky Fairy Ears: Natural ~ Illusions

hair ~ Samurai Asymmetry[Black/red tips] ~ Find ASH (Hair Fair)

jacket ~ Full Sculpted Knit Jacket(Black) ~ Ce Cubic Effect

pants ~ Full Sculpted Knit Pants(Black) ~ Ce Cubic Effect

collar ~ Posture Collar ~ Sinistyle

rosary ~ ‘Hail Mary’ Rosary ~ Sinistyle

finger straps/nailpolish ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails ~ Sinistyle

arm straps ~ Osiris Arm Straps (modded to be worn on lower arms) ~ Sinistyle

boots ~ [0N] AM_LONG_Bb Boots Black ~ Zero Number


~ by Mourna Biziou on September 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Goths <3 Crochet”

  1. OMG I love, love Cubic Effect, and the knit jacket you’re wearing is the one I have a hard time taking off (hugs jacket). Keep up the reviews!

  2. Upon thoroughly inspecting you yesterday, I fell in love with your pants. ❤

  3. “Upon thoroughly inspecting you yesterday, I fell in love with your pants. <3”

    Mind if I steal that line? 🙂

  4. ZOMG, I love that collar. One of my alts hasn’t taken it off since the day I made her. And I’m not even into collars! It’s just so… so… disturbingly smexy, rrrr. And it looks even better on a nice piece of beefcake. >_>

  5. Heh, Scrim. Go for it.

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