Beauty + Beast

After spending three days wandering around Hair Fair, I have oh-so-many new goodies.  Instead of doing a Hair Fair post, I’m going to feature a new one with each ensemble for a while, because every new hair inspires a new outfit.

Today’s new hair is from Bish, a completely new shop to me.  This is what Hair Fair is all about for me: not just seeing new styles from my favorite designers, but finding new and different haunts.

I’m developing more and more of an affinity for fluffy, heavily alpha-textured hair.  If I never see another twisted, pointed, chunky, primmy looking torus, it’ll be too soon.  Alpha flickering is an issue, but going with black hair minimizes this.  And some creators handle it better than others, of course.

This hair is wild, and huge.  And called for an over-the-top ensemble.  Can you believe, I bought these boots at the Shoe Expo, and never even opened the box?  But I remembered them in a sudden stroke, and this look was born.

Nomine’s Aether skin line is usually one of my first stops for an unusual look.  The Bruise tone featured today is one of my favorites, but they’re all quite yummy.  This one tastes like grapes. 😉

Full details and SLurls after the cut.

skin ~ Aether Female – Bruise ~ Nomine

eyes ~ Lavender (Big) ~ Miriel

hair ~ Haley – Black ~ Bish (Hair Fair)

lashes ~ Vamp Lashes ~ Cake

horns ~ Asmodeus – Dark Silver ~ Sensations

claws ~ FallnBonezClawzBlack ~ FallnAngel Creations

necklace ~ Mandala Necklace, Antq Slvr/Crimson ~ Earthtones

top ~ black (PD) Duchess top ~ PixelDolls

pants ~ Velvet Booty Shorts (from the Scream in Vain set) ~ Sn@tch

skirt ~ from the Dark Legacy set ~ Stone Keep

boots ~ Ungulate – Cloven – Black (No Mod, Yes Resize Script) ~ Lazy Places

~ by Mourna Biziou on August 26, 2008.

9 Responses to “Beauty + Beast”

  1. Wow! That is one hot look!

  2. I am in love with you!!

  3. 😮 The boots look great on you! I’m so happy to see you like them. I love this whole look!

  4. I could never figure out what to wear that duchess top with. I love what you did with it.

  5. im loving bish hair right now, their tossmearound hair is fantastic

  6. /fans self

  7. I see the dark side in a whole new light now. *grins**clapping*

  8. Wow, thanks everyone! :O

    Sakuradawn, yay! I loves your shooz!

    /me drags Dove off into a corner.

  9. that is so good it hurts.

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