It’s Summer. Where’s my ice?

So here I am, all set to host a lovely summer afternoon Sushi and Salmon party on the patio for the Ladies Who Lunch Bitch. My guests have arrived. I’m wearing my coolest summer outfit, but I’m starting to sweat, they are starting to melt, and the Sushi is starting to………….move of it’s own accord. The ice has not arrived. Time to call The Acme Ice Company.

*ring ring

Why hello Mr. Coyote, how nice of you to ask! No, the ice has most definitely not arrived. Yes, it is a shame. Actually, it is more than a shame. It is potentially tragic. I might never eat lunch in this town again.

I’m hearing words, Mr Coyote, but I’m not hearing solutions. No Mr. Coyote, while I do sympathize, I really do, I am not in the mood to hear about your disputes with Mr. Runner. Dynamite you say? How awful for you!

(do you believe this?)

Well, thank you again Mr. Coyote, it has been…interesting dealing with you. I do hope your delivery vehicle is back on the road soon, but in the meantime I will have to make other arrangements. *click

Well Ladies, It appears Sushi is off. Who would like a yummy hot dog?

(More pics, details, and hot dogs after the cut.)

Why thank you dear! Yes, the Bangles ARE wonderful, they were a gift from Silent Sparrow.

Well, let me tell you about the shoes, Stiletto Moody’s latest but they cost the EARTH! They really did but I just HAD to have them. (Literally)

*whispers* I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but..

Hair “Jody” Zero Style

Ear Studs “Everyday Gems Ear Studs” Shiny Things

Sunglasses (tintable) “Groovy-Silver White” ARGrace

Bangles “Blue Moon Bangle Set” (group freebie) Silent Sparrow

Frock “Confetti Party Dress” Little Rebel Designs

Blackberry (with anims, email) Telus

Shoes “Gladiator Sandals” Stiletto Moody

Scarf from the “Apache set” Ookami Ningen

~ by Grady Echegaray on July 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “It’s Summer. Where’s my ice?”

  1. *mimes holding a phone up to her ear*

    Call me. We’ll do lunch. 😀

  2. omg. you look divine. 🙂 /me pulls out teh crackberry and starts texting. and then takes a sneaky pic under my arm while you aren’t looking so i can show to the hairdresser later to demand that he cut my hair like yours. 🙂

  3. Beyond reproach, above critique, surpassing quintessence. In a word, lovely and sassy.

    Two words. So sue me.

  4. could i borrow some cup of sugars? gracias

  5. Anyone wonder now why Grady is Teh Hawt?

  6. arent the shoes very like the Maitreya ones made for the shoe expo – i had to look twice

  7. simply smashing dahling. call my people, we will do lunch

  8. @Mourna. Yes bebbeh! Blogs to discuss, worlds to conquer! 🙂

    @Juana. Crackberries are everywhere. Seems we can’t live without them. ^:^

    @Envoy. *sues Envoy for a lunch date.*

    @GL. ¿solamente una taza? 🙂

    @HtB. awww you! I was trying to cool down. *grins*

    @Be. I missed the Shoe Expo. *sobs* That personal assistant was SO fired.

    @Wendy. *woohoo*. Lunch with Wendy is NEVER dull!

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