A Little Purple is Good for the Soul…

I’m always on the lookout for short jackets and shrugs to wear over t-shirts and such.  What can I say, I like sleeves.

I also like a well done tattered look, so when I found this set at Sweetest Goodbye, I was all over it.

It comes with a short tattered jacket, sculpted hood, and some kind of bra top… leopard or some hideous animal print.  So yeah, toss that, and you have a really fabulous and versatile piece that, if you’re like me, will get miles of wear.

The hood is one of the best I’ve yet seen, with a nice scrunchy soft shape that doesn’t protrude from your back like a starched bonnet.  By virtue of it being a nice basic black, I’ll probably use this hood with all of my favorite hoodies.

I’ve practically despaired of ever finding many short skirts that suit me, construction-wise.  I know it can be done!  There are a few.  In the meantime, I’m looking at shorts.   I know, puffy shorts.  Don’t give me that look.  These are actually cute, and very well made.  I guess this is my summer gawthy look?

Oh yes… and the boots.  Another one of my Shoe Expo goodies:  the deliciously shiny Lampwick boots, by First Flower.

Live nude girls after the cut.

I mean SLurls!  Slurls after the cut.  Where is my head?

skin – Vivant Cream Biba 3 – Fleur

eyes – (custom) – Emortal Eyez

lashes – Club 4 – Celestial Studios

Punky Fairy Ears: Natural – Illusions

hair – Haruka licorice – Novocaine

Thetis Gloves Midnight – Dark Eden

Elbanu Stockings (Purple) – Curious Kitties

Short Pants Black – Shop Seu

Herangsa Jacket and Hood – Sweetest Goodbye

Irmina Necklace dark (color changeable) – Schadenfreude

Black Ultraviolet Skelebeater – Schadenfreude

Lampwick Boots black – First Flower


~ by Mourna Biziou on July 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Little Purple is Good for the Soul…”

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  2. “Black Ultraviolet Skelebeater – Schadenfreude”

    there’s nothing about that name that I don’t like.

  3. *steps up*
    My turn to seethe!

    *seethe seethe seethe*

    (Purple now officially my new fav colour!) *grins*

  4. It really IS good for the soul isn’t it? ♥ I’ve never even heard of First Flower, but their handiwork is lovely! Must…go..now!

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