Kali made me do it.

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’m almost obsessed with the Hindu pantheon.  So, there has been a post about Indian fashions brewing in my skull since I started this blog.  I assumed it would be about one of the beautiful sari or Indian jewelry sets available.

Then I ran across the Devata set at Sn@tch.

Punk Hindu!  squee!  Seriously, squee.

There is also a long sari-style skirt in the set, but I decided to punk it up a little further with a skirt from Hexed, and a pair of scrunchy legwarmers from Stellar Designs (which I’ve modded to match the top.)

My first stop for punky hair is always Magika, and this was a new-to-me style that I was delighted to find.   I had to show you the back, because the long glossy style is just too yummy.

Now I must warn you that the Devata tops are belly shirts.  Not being a big fan myself, I dug around in my inventory and found a long striped undershirt from Dutch Touch to wear underneath.

This set comes with 6 different tops, each featuring a different Hindu deity.  Which is good, because who wants to have to choose between the gods?

The featured black is Kali, who holds a special place in my heart.   There’s also a hot pink Lakshmi, a golden Ganesha, a blue Shiva, a light pink Vishnu, and a purple Tara.

SLurls after the cut.

skin – WL China White – natural heavy – Nomine

eyes – (custom) – Emortal EyeZ

hair – Spice (maroon/black) – Magika

Bedroom Lashes – Cake

striped undershirt from the Che Black set – Dutch Touch

Devata tops – Sn@tch

Attitude Skirt (black) – Hexed

Arm Warmers (simple black) – ++ChaCla++

Grungy Sculpted Legwarmers grey/white (tinted) – Stellar Designs

Glossy Ribbon Boots (black) – ShinyThings

Bridal nosering from the Bollywood jewelry set (freebie) – Yak & Yeti


~ by Mourna Biziou on July 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Kali made me do it.”

  1. As soon as I saw those leg warmers I headed right out to grab them… but I’m standing in the store and I just saw that they’re no mod.


    And leave the store without buying anything -.-

  2. kali rocks!

  3. What? I modded the hell out of those legwarmers.

    Although the sock clothing layer was no-mod, yes. But I didn’t wear that anyway. The prims are fully moddable.

  4. Shiva has an infinite phallus. Just thought I would share.

  5. I swear Bebbeh, going to build a Temple of Mournah one of these days. *grins*

  6. I now haz an A3 sized posta of teh Mourn *wearng pink* on my wal.

    (I’m also smitten by the hair, but what if I showed up wearing it at a Duchy event? The horror!)

  7. You would look lovely in pastels

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