There is that scene in The Godfather where Michael steps out of the Sicilian farmhouse he has been laying low in, only to see the beautiful young woman who will become his wife. Instantly, they both know this. The Sicillians refer to this phenomena as “The Thunderbolt”. I know I’m reaching for a metaphor here, but it describes somewhat how I felt when I first saw a picture of The Drosero Suit, by Groll Greggan. I knew I must have it. That doesn’t make me a shallow person, does it?

The Drosero suit is composed of several multi-prim modules, and includes a scripted face mask, boots, and fullblack bodysuit. The suit comes in several colours, I have the white version, and it is moddable so colour can be changed. As this is a complex outfit, make copies to experiment with.

The suit, as pictured here, is as purchased, however It is fun to mashup, particularly with other Greggan outfits such as Noble Rogue or Snow Leopard.

I have always had a weakness for intricately primmed outfits (ARC be dammed) and this one is extremely well put together. Details after the cut.

The Drosero suit is available at The Groll Inn & Hideaway, Clematis Island, in four colours: White, Red, Green, Blue, and sells for L$900.

The images were shot in Hangars Liquides. (If you have yet to visit HL, delay no longer, it is one of the most beautiful and layered city sims in SL. Do eeeeet!)

Other elements:

Crusader HUD controller (worn on left hip) by Templar Botworks.

Glasses: Bouncer by Gudshu

Hair: Asuna by Zero Style

My thanks to Mourna for the invitation to post. She is a Rockstar! And one of the most awesomely talented people I know. She is as well, one of my dearest friends. ❤


~ by Grady Echegaray on July 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thunderbolted”

  1. So very, very awesome. 😀

    Welcome to the strange side! :hug:

  2. Very awesome, Grady. I hear Colie talk about Groll all the time but I had no idea he was a designer. I’ll have to check him out 🙂

    As if this wasn’t already the most awesome fashion blog ever, it just almost reached critical Awesome Mass with you joining. ♥

  3. grady

    that is an amazing suit of lights. you look magnificent in it. i am so looking forward to reading this fabulous and fierce blog. 🙂


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