Cute, with a dash of serious.

Inventory diving tonight… you know what that means?

Sometimes magic happens; sometimes I turn out looking like a goth hobo.

I leave it to you to decide where this falls.

You really have to see this dress in action to fully realize how well it’s made.  My usual gripe with babydoll-type dresses is the little fact of your booty popping out of it every time you move.  But this dress is attached in three places, so it moves with you quite well.  It flutters nicely, with minimal glitch.

The cuteness of it was too much, I had to have freckles.   Cue Tuli, and an adorable skin that I don’t have oppoortunity to wear nearly enough.  Because I’m so freakin’ serious-face all the time.

SLurly deliciousness after the cut.

skin –  S5 goth ~ natural 3 (freckles) – Tuli

eyes – (custom) Emortal EyeZ

Deco Lashes – Cake

hair –  Orie (Raven) – 0 Style

lip piercing – Piercing 6 – MAGIKA

Spider Web Choker w/Spider – Sinistyle

Apnea Tattoo – Sn@tch

dress – Felicity Night – Elate!

Pirate Gloves: Flared Cuff – Illusions

Wrinkled Nylons (black) – Sheer

Glossy Ribbon Boots (black) – Shiny Things

Stripes Ripped Legwarmers (grey) – Curious Kitties

Leather Leg Bow – MAGIKA


~ by Mourna Biziou on July 4, 2008.

9 Responses to “Cute, with a dash of serious.”

  1. That hair is so perfect on you it makes me seethe with jealousy. You hear me seething?

    *seethe seethe seethe*

    Looks like I need to pay a visite to Elate!, I’ve never heard of them and I ADORE new stores.

    Oh, speaking of, you might want to poke your marvelous nose into a place called Mekanoize (or some permutated spelling like that). They just started but have some really nummy monochrome rave stuff.

  2. What’s that noise? If I didn’t know better, I’d say it sounds like someone…. seething o.O’

  3. This so so cute i love! Very black and danger girl cute style!

  4. I ❤ this.

  5. It’s all just so…nom nom nom!

  6. And the skin is fabulously cute, wow! (/me seethes herself) 😉

    ❤ Sans

  7. I luffs this!! You are such a mortebella:P Luffs you!
    Meckanoize is/was great last I heard the creator closed up shop tho. Fabulous Momo:)

  8. and i am an ass for not realizing that this was an old post DER on me:)

  9. Awww. Old posts need lurve too! 😀

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