A nice day for a black wedding…

You know, I might actually consider getting married someday… if I were able to wear something like the new Harajuku Bride set from Ookami Ningen.

Meanwhile, this is SL, so I can wear it everyday if I want.  And I just might.

This ensemble just blows me away.  Sleek and sophisticated, edgy and daring, creative and original.  Completely hand-drawn.  And like all of Zorena’s creations, it includes a bazillion optional pieces.

Being… well… me, I decided to emphasize the gothic edginess of it, so I added the Lovecraft jewelry set from Tekeli-li (with moving eyes!,) one of the Jrock skins from [][]Trap[][], and a funky spiky Penumbra hair.

SLurls after the cut.

clothing/veil – Harajuku Bride (Silver and Black) – Ookami Ningen

choker/bracelet set – Lovecraft – Tekeli-li

skin – JROCK_10_F_Lips Tone 1 – [][]Trap[][]

hair – Ruki (blue black) – Penumbra

shoes – Athena (black) – Tesla

ears – Punky Fairy Ears – Illusions

eyes – custom set – Emortal EyeZ

~ by Mourna Biziou on June 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “A nice day for a black wedding…”

  1. You are preternaturally good at this bebbeh. Well launched!

  2. Totally awesome, Mourna! I love it.

  3. Your photography is a mouth-watering treat. Each shot is a portrait rather than a functional record of an outfit. One of these days I’ll even read the text…

  4. oooo, this is stunning, and even more so on my Beauty!

  5. i think your blog is fabulous. and you look beautiful. 🙂

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