I am a rockstar. Rock out.

Ok… yes, I do need to customize the new little blog, and make it all spiffy and non-generic.   However, I’m not feeling inspired to do that just yet.  What I am feeling inspired to do is show you this new jacket that I have from Canimal. So without further jibber-jabber, I give you…

* cue dramatic music*

My First Post!

I saw this jacket on a hair ad, and was possessed with an unholy desire to find it an own it.  For some reason, Canimal is just not one of my regular stops.  The clothes there tend to never look as good on me as they do in the ad.  The Rocker Jacket is an exception to that. 😀

To compliment it’s zippery goodness, I paired it with the fabulous Zippy Pants from Wrong.  Now, I really hate the built-in flares on system pants.  So to get that nice slim cuff, I popped on the sculpted leg pieces from Armidi’s “Journey Tweed” pants.  These are great, mod cuffs that I wear with a lot of my black pants.  Just a tiny bit of tinting and tweaking, and most would never notice they aren’t textured to match.  I mean, who really looks at your pants legs?  Besides me, I mean.

Lots of belts, chains, and strappy bits later… and I am a rockstar.  Rock out.

SLurls and prices after the cut.

Rocker Jacket (Stripey Red) – Canimal – $L 110

Zippy Pants (black) – Wrong – $L 99

Noir Batwing Tank – Schadenfreude – $L 100 (3-color pack)

Large Ankh on Leather Thong – Schadenfreude -$L 50

Beatnik Belt – Sinistyle – $L 200

Osiris Arm Strap – Sinistyle – $L 175

Posture Collar – Sinistyle -$L 300

Rosary Ring Pendant – Handmaidens -$L 100

AM_LONG_Bb Boots Black – Cubic Effect -$L 400

SG-31 SUNNY Glasses – Role Optic -$L 170

(Hair) Katya Black Red – Deviant Kitties -$L 225 (6-color tipped pack)

(Tattoo) Alhambra – Garden of Ku – $L 200

(Ears) Punky Fairy Ears – Illusions – $L 475 (scripted color-change to match most skins)

~ by Mourna Biziou on June 26, 2008.

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